Good Morning Vietnam! We’re Headed To Firebase Z In Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies On February 4

Treyarch teased a new map earlier this week and finally, the name has been dropped with a release date. Firebase Z is coming on February 4, ending the first season of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. It seems to confirm the leaks and rumors that the new map is set in Vietnam.

As seen in the picture Treyarch released, the new zombies seem to be donning Omega attire, those pesky guys that activated Projekt Endstation (Die Maschine) after the Nazis left. On top of this, Treyarch showed off the new boss, which is likely the Megaton’s replacement, and it looks like Margwa meets Nova Crawler.

The new map could be akin to Black Ops 4’s Ancient Evil, as a picture released by Treyarch seems to indicate that there will be teleportation between a village and Omega Outpost 25. The quote reads, “New omega teleportation system connects village to Omega Facility,” so perhaps we’ll be able to dive to and fro using the Stargate.

Treyarch revealed, “In addition to today’s launch of Zombies Free Access Week, the new Cranked mode, Onslaught Raid, and support for the new Wakizashi sword in Zombies, we’re celebrating 115 day tomorrow on Friday, January 15 with the new ‘Firebase Z’ details, plus additional updates to expect when the map launches.”

While more details will be arriving from Treyarch tomorrow, new intel will also be added into the game – “Keep an eye out for other intel out there… you never know what you might uncover.” It seems as though we’ll be able to find out more about Firebase Z from in-game collectibles prior to the map’s launch.

As for where it’s set? There were rumors and leaks about it being in the Yamantau mountains in Russia and rumors and leaks that it would be surrounded by a jungle, set in Vietnam. Given that the name is ‘Firebase Z,’ the Vietnam setting seems to be confirmed, as defend firebase missions were featured in the Cold War campaign in none other than Vietnam. On top of all of this good news – it’s entirely free and there’s not long to wait now. That being said, there’s no word if Tombstone will be arriving alongside it, but maybe Treyarch is saving that for tomorrow.

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