Gory Gladiator Sim GORN to Leave Early Access Next Week

Developer Free Lives released the rather brutal virtual reality (VR) gladiator simulator GORN onto Steam Early Access two years ago. Yesterday, the studio announced that an official launch will be taking place next week and that new content would feature.

To mark the announcement Free Lives released a short teaser trailer showing one of the muscle-bound gladiators preparing for battle, putting on his helmet, grabbing a sword and waiting for the arena door to open. And at the very end a release date, Thursday 18th July. And that’s all (it was a teaser) with no other details of what players can expect.

The studio did take to Reddit to say the release would definitely feature new content but didn’t elaborate. Due to the nature of the title, the bloodshed will likely get even more ridiculous. The last major update for GORN ‘The Teachings of ODALBE’  occurred in February, adding the Death Pit arena whilst reworking the progression and unlock system of the campaign.

Previously, the studio has mentioned plans to port GORN to PlayStation VR. There still hasn’t been any indication when this may happen, however, once the fully released on PC VR a console version may not be too far away.

Ludicrous in its gameplay, GORN takes the ancient sport of gladiatorial combat and combines it with a game engine that’s bloody and funny in equal measure. Players are able to gleefully decapitate, dismember, smash, stab, rip or slice opponents to bits using all manner of melee weapons, from a simple knife through to axes, maces, bows and much more.

And it’s not just weapons opponents have to watch out for. Players can employ various environmental hazards to impale the poorly animated enemies, or become a crab and use the claws to separate head from shoulders.

Certainly not one for younger players, as Free Lives release further details ahead of next weeks launch, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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