Gotham Knights: Gotham Landmark Location Guide

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Gotham Knights is an open-world RPG, and like other RPGs, it has its fair share of collectibles. In this guide, you will be able to find all 40 locations of the landmarks within the game. All these landmarks are located in different regions of the city, which can be difficult to notice on your own.

You can identify these landmarks by a metal plate placed on them. All you need to do is interact with the plate after getting close to it. You unlock the “History Major” Trophy after you find and collect all the landmarks. This guide will help you do that purpose.

Lower Gotham Region

In this region of the map, you will find a total of eight landmarks.

Landmark 1: Dixon Docks

The first landmark in the game can be found by navigating to the right south side of Gotham. From the ocean’s point of view, it is to the right side of Wayne Tech.

Landmark 2: Giverny Paints

This landmark is quite close to the first landmark. All you need to do is turn around to see the big red Giverny Paint signboard. Approach the building to interact with the metal plate.

Landmark 3: Southside Glassworks

This landmark is located at the intersection point between Gate Street and Lyntown Avenue.

Landmark 4: Old-Koul Brau Factory

Zoom in on the southwest corner of lower Gotham. This landmark is located adjacent to S.T.A.R Labs.

Landmark 5: Cobblepot Steel

The metal plate on this landmark can be found directly on the Cobblepot Steel Building, and the building is located on Burnley Avenue.

Landmark 6: Luigi’s Finest Pizza

In the western part of the Cauldron region, find the metal plate at the entrance of Luigi’s Finest Pizza Restaurant.

Landmark 7: Paris Island Incinerator

Find this landmark in the big building located on the third street of Cauldron region.

Landmark 8: Fei Hong Supermarket

Locate this landmark on the eastern side of the Cauldron, on a small supermarket under the Gate Street Bridge.

Historic Gotham Region

This region holds ten of the commemorative metal plaques found in the game.

Landmark 1: Sacred Heart Convalescent Home

Find this landmark on the east of Gate Street Bridge, just over Harbour Drive.

Landmark 2: Gotham Ferry Co

On the far side, to the northwest of the Financial District, head to the west of Madison Street Bridge. You will find the metal plate on the wall of Sundollar Coffee.

Landmark 3: Gotham City National Bank

Head to Commerce Avenue in the Financial District, and you will find the metal plate on the Gotham City National Bank, right between the two ATMs.

Landmark 4: Miller Harbor

Move to the middle of Union Belfry Station and Dozier Avenue. You will find the metal plate on a building with a clock tower.

Landmark 5: Martha Wayne Foundation

This landmark is close to Wycliffe Avenue, located at the intersection between Bay Street and Grand Avenue.

Landmark 6: Saint Swithuns Church

The metal plate on this landmark can be found between the two doors of the church located on Bay Street, a slight walk from the docks.

Landmark 7: Gotham City Hall

Find the commemorative plaque on the entrance of Gotham City Hall, more specifically on the southern side of it.

Landmark 8: Novick Building

Find this landmark between Grand Avenue and Rotisserie Street in Old Gotham.

Landmark 9: Gotham City Fire Department

This landmark is located between the intersection of Logerquist Avenue and Kane Street.

Landmark 10: Gotham City Cathedral

Zoom in on the north-western side of Gotham City Cathedral on the map, and head over there to find the commemorative plaque to add this landmark to your collection.

New Gotham Region

Travel to The New Gotham to find the 14 landmarks located here.

Landmark 1: Gotham City Post Office

Find this landmark on the corner of Monument Street, where it meets St. Adrian Avenue.

Landmark 2: Statue of Justice

This landmark is probably the easiest to spot in the region. Just head over to the front side of the statue to locate the metal plate and interact with it.

Landmark 3: Fort Dumas

Make your way to Monument Street and find the southwest entrance of Fort Dumas to find the commemorative plaque.

Landmark 4: Armory

From the previous landmark, turn west over to Arsenal Street to find this landmark.

Landmark 5: Cape Carmine Lighthouse

Find the metal plate by the lighthouse where Cape Street and Newton Place meet.

Landmark 6: Sacred Martyr Church

Close to the previous collective, make your way to the corner of Sheldon Hill Road and Cape Street.

Landmark 7: S.K Animal Shelter

Just before the left turn to Cape Street from Atlantic Avenue’s direction, you can find the metal plate on the left side of the S.K Animal Shelter’s wall.

Landmark 8: Wayne Centre for Children

The final landmark in Bowery can be found at the corner of Berger Avenue and Gardener Street.

Landmark 9: St. Aloysius Church

Head over to a little far east side of where Gardner Street and Berger Avenue meet.

Landmark 10: Ralli’s Family Restaurant

This landmark is also located on Berger Avenue, just on the east side of the Foxteca building. Find the metal plate on the walls of the restaurant.

Landmark 11: Wayne Enterprises

You can find the metal plate right outside the Wayne Tower, located on Atlantic Boulevard.

Landmark 12: Split Pea Catering

You can find this building just underneath the crane, located on the corner of Croydon Avenue.

Landmark 13: First Church of Gotham City

Make your way to the northeast of the Gotham City Gazette building on Rotterdam Street. You’ll find the metal plate at the entrance of the church.

Landmark 14: Gotham City Labour Union

Find this landmark on Croydon Avenue, just on the west of Grant Lane.

North Gotham Region

The remaining eight landmarks to unlock the History Major Trophy can be found in this region of the map.

Landmark 1: Martha Wayne Art Gallery

This landmark is at the intersection point of Mason Street and Dryfold Avenue. Find the metal plate on the street level, just to the side of the stairs.

Landmark 2: Gotham Heights Residences

Find this landmark on the northwest side of Chambers Street, in Bierce Avenue.

Landmark 3: St. Joseph Church

Find this landmark on the middle point of University Drive Street and Hemlock Street.

Landmark 4: Old Mining Wayne HQ

On the southwest of Gotham County Road, the metal plate on this landmark can be found over the stairs, close to the window of an old building.

Landmark 5: Robinson Park Exhibition Grounds

This landmark can be found near the bridge, on the southwest of the Saul Erdel Planetarium. The metal plate can be found on a medium-sized rock sculpture.

Landmark 6: Robinson Park Plaza

Around the same location as the previous landmark, the plate can be found at the southwestern gates of the park, on the side of the river.

Landmark 7: Leblanc Funeral Home

On the east side of Saul Erden Planetarium, this landmark can be found on Beacon Street.

Landmark 8: St. Faustina Church

The final landmark of the game can be found on the southwest of Gotham City Cemetery, on Oxylus Street where Reservoir Avenue ends.

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