Gotham Knights’ One Hour PS Plus Trial Includes That 15 Minute Opening Cutscene

Gotham Knights received a mixed reception when it launched in October. If you're a PS Plus Premium subscriber and you're still on the fence about giving it a try, a free trial of the game has been added to the service. The problem is, you'll spend a significant chunk of what is a relatively short trial watching what is a pretty long opening cutscene.

Be warned, if you do plan on playing Gotham Knights, there are spoilers about the start of the game beginning in the sentence directly after this one. Although in all honesty, if you have even a passing interest in the game, you should really already know that in the Gotham Knights universe, Batman is dead. In fact, the game kicks off with the death of The Dark Knight.

It's the telling of that part of the Gotham Knights story that occupies so much of the early goings of the game. Around 15 minutes, although some who have played through it would argue it's even longer than that before things really get going. Controversial three months on from its launch as the PS Plus Premium trial for the game is only an hour long, meaning a quarter of that will be spent watching a cutscene.

Not an ideal way to gauge if you like a game enough to buy the full version. Honestly, even if it was 60 minutes of gameplay, even that might not be enough. Most of the trials currently available through PS Plus Premium are at least twice as long. A trial for The Last Of Us Part 1 was added to coincide with the adaptation premiering on HBO and lets players experience the first two hours of the game. No 15-minute cutscene to sit through either, just a whole lot of heartbreak.

Odds are WB Games Montreal will have to let people experience more than an hour of Gotham Knights before it enjoys a spike in sales. The focus on DC games has already shifted to what's next, Rocksteady's Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. Leaked images insinuating the game will have a battle pass have tempered fan expectations a little bit, though.

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