Gran Turismo is getting a TV show – plus Horizon Zero Dawn and God Of War

Apparently there’s no PlayStation game that Sony won’t consider turning into a movie or TV show, as more projects are announced.

The success of the Sonic The Hedgehog movies is clearly going encourage a whole new wave of video game movies and TV show, and unsurprisingly it’s Sony that’s leading the way – since they’ve also had success with their Uncharted film.

At the moment though most of their new projects are TV shows, such as The Last Of Us and Twisted Metal, with only the planned Ghost Of Tsushima film, by the director of John Wick, headed for the big screen.

The same is apparently true of the previously announced God Of War TV show for Amazon, as well as a Horizon project at Netflix, and… a Gran Turismo TV series?

You would’ve thought that those first two would need a movie budget, especially Horizon, but apparently that’s not the direction Sony is going, although there’s almost no information on any of the shows.

It’s still not known what the setting is for the God Of War series and there are similarly no plot details about the Horizon show – so it’s not guaranteed that Aloy will be the protagonist.

At least you can imagine those games in live action though, but what Sony has planned for Gran Turismo is an even bigger mystery.

It could be a Top Gear style magazine show or a story-based drama (there’s already a film based on Need For Speed) or, perhaps most likely, a silly idea that will be quietly forgotten about over time.

The news was announced as part of Sony’s recent investor briefing, in which they spoke about broadening the PlayStation brand to encompass PC and mobile more, as well as creating a lot more new IP… that they can then turn into movies and TV shows.

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