Grasshopper Manufacture fans come together for a great cause

Some passionate Suda51 and Grasshopper Manufacture fans are collaborating on a charity fanzine dedicated to the beloved development studio’s works. Grasshopper Manufacture Zine Volume 2, as it’s appropriately titled, is a collection of stories, art, essays, and stickers with all proceeds raised going towards the Transgender Law Center and Modest Needs charities.

Featuring fan works from 35 different writers and artists, it’s a bountiful collection. Including:

  • Six essays and nine stories
  • 80+ pages of art, writing, and illustration
  • Exclusive quote from Suda51
  • Eight 2×2″ stickers, 3 4×6″ prints, and 2.5″ acrylic FU keychain included with select preorder bundles

You can check out a gallery of some of the artwork from Grasshopper Manufacture Zine Volume 2 in the tweet below.

Grasshopper Manufacture Zine Volume 1, released back in 2018, raised $2600 for Doctors Without Borders. Now, Volume 2 looks to repeat that success but for different causes. The first being the Transgender Law Center, a trans-led advocacy organization for transgender and non-binary people, while Modest Needs is a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to low-income households in the US.

If you missed out on Volume 1 in 2018, Grasshopper Manufacture Zine offers it as a bundle option with Volume 2. There are physical and digital options available for both volumes right now, so head over to the purchase options page if you’re a fan and want to support a great cause.

There’s no hard date for when Volume 2 releases yet; however, preorders close on December 1st, so best get one in now if you haven’t already.

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