GTA 6 release date update: New demo reveals next-gen Grand Theft Auto could look like THIS

We’re very excited about Grand Theft Auto 6 – you might be able to tell, we’ve been writing about it at length lately. 

From the rumours that the game is going to take us back to Liberty City and Vice City, to the grim realisation that we’re probably going to see a game that does away with cheat codes, we’ve got a lot to say on the matter. 

But what can we say – we’re just Rockstar stans at this point. And with good reason: that studio is one of the best operating in gaming today.

This week, we’ve been treated to a video that demonstrates in no uncertain terms what a next-gen GTA will look like. 

Thanks to the work of Pascal Gilcher, a well-known graphics mod specialist, and all-round visual maestro, we can see what Rockstar is capable of once it incorporates ray tracing into its next-gen title.

A video that’s been circulating over the past week shows off ray tracing in practice in a work-in-progress GTAV mod, operating on the PC version of the game. 

Hold on to your eyeballs, because things are about to get pretty.

Sony is already talking about making sure the PS5 is capable of delivering realistic 8K graphics, courtesy of some incredible new hardware.

The PlayStation 5 CPU is based on the third generation of AMD’s Ryzen line and contains eight cores of the company’s new 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture and the GPU will be a custom variant of Radeon’s Navi family that will support ray tracing (allowing for astonishing lighting effects in-game).

That last bit is the most important here: ray tracing is a key part of what people are expecting next-gen consoles to deliver on.

For the layman, ray tracing is a method of simulating realistic lighting effects to make games seem more immersive and true-to-life.

It does this by coating surfaces and filling space in a much more realistic way, allowing light to react with and diffuse on surfaces in a way more similar to real life. 

The result? The video above: gorgeous, luminous, accurate lighting.

As we edge more and more towards this exciting new benchmark in sandbox gaming, we’re trying to figure out exactly what it’s going to look like when it arrives and to that end we’ve been looking at other mods and creations to see what GTA 6 can realsitically deliver when it launches sometime in the next, well, decade.

We’ve already got an idea about the graphics we could see, and some potential locations for GTA 6 may have already leaked, too.

Further to that, we’ve also speculated about the size of the game’s map previously by taking Red Dead Redemption 2’s size and looking at how Rockstar has iterated on that kind of base between games (and generations) before.

Plus, last week, we saw a post of a possible GTA 6 map published online: thanks to Dexerto, we can see what the map would look like if we composite all the locations from previous games into the game place.

You can see this speculative GTA 6 map in all its glory at the link.

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