GTA Online Animation Glitch Turns Players Into Beyblades

Nine years later, millions of people are still playing GTA Online, and Rockstar continues to take care of it and those players via regular patches and updates. However, one issue in which the residents of Los Santos spin like human Beyblades is a problem players who have witnessed it are hoping flies under the Rockstar radar.

The GTA glitch was first brought to everybody's attention by BonBaffle on Reddit. Highlighting that it happens 100 percent of the time when you slide across the hood of what is technically a Remus in GTA Online, although some players refer to it as a Silvia due to how much it resembles the real-life Nissan Silvia. As you can see in the clip below, find a Remus and slide across the hood, and your player will start to spin.

BonBaffle does it multiple times to prove it wasn't a one-off, even getting a fellow player to perform the glitch/trick to show it isn't something that's only happening to them. As for what other players make of it, while we have compared what happens to the spin of a Beyblade, others have likened it to Ryu's iconic spin kick in Street Fighter.

Most of the time, a glitch in a game can't be patched quickly enough. Developers will rush to find a fix before too many people fall foul of it. While you probably won't be able to spin around bum-first on the bonnets of your cars in GTA for long, people appear to be asking Rockstar to leave this glitch be. That it's a little bit of fun and doesn't negatively affect players in any way has got people hoping Rockstar will let it live on. Unfortunately, that seems unlikely. You'll want to spin like a Beyblade now before Rockstar ruins your good time.

The GTA Online juggernaut rolled on recently as a major update added new perks for gunrunners and bikers, and even upped the game's temperature and gas prices. Work on GTA 6 continues though and has apparently been in the works for a while. A new report last week revealed Rockstar has already been working on the next game in the series for eight years, but we still have at least two years to wait until launch.

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