GTA Online Confirms That Michael Is Still Alive

GTA Online's latest update, The Contract, has confirmed that Michael De Santa is still alive, proving once and for all that Ending C is canon.

For those of you who don't know, GTA 5 offered players three choices for an ending. Ending A had Franklin kill Trevor, Ending B sees him doing the same to Michael, and Ending C has all three of them teaming up to take care of one another's enemies.

Although Ending C's triumphant finale always seemed like the canon ending, we've never had it fully confirmed either way. However, updates to GTA Online over the years have added bits of dialogue that hint that Ending C was the true one, with Ron Jakowski calling Trevor his "old boss" and stating that he'd "gone all Vinewood" in the present day.

Tao Cheng also makes reference to events in the game's third ending, making it seem likely that that's the intended ending. Although Trevor has had lines of dialogue referencing him in GTA Online, and Franklin is shown to be alive and well in The Contract, mentions of Michael have been suspiciously quiet, leading some to think that Ending B might be canon after all.

That has all changed thanks to The Contract. As reported by Kotaku, during one of The Contract's missions, Franklin and the player are tasked with chasing someone down in a golf cart to stop them from bothering Dr Dre. The chase leads to Richards Majestic Productions, the movie set where Michael eventually gets a job as a producer during the events of GTA 5.

As you're driving through the set, Franklin says, " “Man, shit, I know one of the producers around here. I hope his ass ain’t at work today." Although not a direct naming of Michael, it's a clear reference to the character and one that implies that he's still alive. He couldn't be going into work if he'd been killed by Franklin, could he?

All of this adds up to pretty much confirm that Ending C is canon in the GTA 5 universe and that all three of our protagonists survived the events of the game. Now we just need to see them.

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