GTA RP Streamer With Muscular Dystrophy Makes His Final Farewell

A Grand Theft Auto Twitch streamer with muscular dystrophy bid a tearful farewell from his roleplay server last weekend.

Grand Theft Auto V isn’t just for people to crash airplanes into buildings in order to steal money from a vault. Some people prefer to play out their regular lives in Grand Theft Auto like a slightly more robust version of Second Life.

Twitch streamer Airborne plays as a judge on the GTA V roleplay server Nopixel. As a judge, Airborne presides over cases and makes rulings, although those cases can be pretty hilarious as various other streamers come up with ever-stranger situations to fight out in court.

But after amassing over 20,000 followers, Airborne’s time on Twitch has come to an end. He has muscular dystrophy, a degenerative disorder that causes loss of muscle mass and can lead to trouble moving, swallowing, or even breathing. Sadly, playing a video game for 6 hours at a time isn’t something that advanced cases can endure, so Airborne bid farewell to Nopixel and his many fans in a tearful goodbye last weekend.

“I love all of you,” said Airborne. “Thank you Shots community and to everyone else. Y’all are amazing people and I’ll never forget this.”

But this being a roleplay server, Airborne couldn’t just leave without explanation. His official retirement was tragically cut short when his plane lost a wing and crashed into the middle of the ocean. A heartwarming end to a fantastic judge.

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