Guild Wars 2 Adds New Fractal, Sunqua Peak, On September 15

Get ready to head into the land of Cantha, as Guild Wars 2 is about to expand with a new area for players to explore. Later this month, Sunqua Peak will be made available in Guild Wars 2 as the game goes deep into the new Fractal of the Mists.

In the new Fractal Sunqua Peak, we hear the voice-over of Dessa as she has located another echo and calls fourth skilled warriors from all over to investigate this new Fractal of the Mists. In this area, the place is suspended in the air with a storm-lit sky and some of the most stunning stonework ever seen up the mountains filled with flowering trees. However, the elemental spirits have called out for help as they need someone to heal their home. After players have proven their worth in the Fractal, they will be able to take on a challenging final boss.

In the new trailer, ArenaNet offers a sneak peek at the new expansion in Fractal of the Mists as explorers get to take on new challenges. Based on this new setting, players will get to earn new rewards and weekly achievements for their character. Everyone can set their sights on the new Abyssal Fractal weapon skin set that is made available. A new difficulty mode will also be accessible to try out to keep things more challenging.

This area is mentioned to be where the elemental powers overlap with one another. With this undiscovered region in turmoil, players will have to take on the task of climbing up this treacherous terrain and defeating whatever challenges lie ahead in order to bring peace upon the land.

With the game coming to Steam in November, players will be able to take on all the challenges that Guild Wars 2 has to offer just before the new expansion End of Dragons gets released next year. For those who already have access to the MMO, they can immediately jump into Cantha for the Fractal of the Mists Sunqua Peak once it drops this month.

Sunqua Peak will be coming to Guild Wars 2 on September 15.

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