Guild Wars 2 Summer Roadmap Revealed, End Of Dragons Event Scheduled For July 27

The Icebrood Saga might be coming to a close, but Guild Wars 2 has some big plans for the rest of 2021. ArenaNet recently revealed its summer roadmap, along with an End of Dragons event scheduled for July 27.

Leading up to the End of Dragons reveal on July 27, Guild Wars 2 will receive three updates – two of which will arrive next month. While we won’t learn much more about End of Dragons until then, ArenaNet did release three pieces of concept art from the project, giving you an idea as to where the expansion will take place – and the new lands you’ll get to explore.

Unlike the End of Dragons event, Guild Wars 2’s summer roadmap was detailed in length. Here’s what you can expect to see in the coming months:

  • May 11: Skills and balance update for the game’s professions and their elite specializations, changing the meta and bringing new considerations for character builds.
  • May 25: Past Living World episodes – the game’s eight years of story content – will be free for all players who log in during their promotional period.
  • July 13: A beloved boss returns to the game for the first time since 2014, when the Twisted Marionette arrives as a limited-time bonus event.
  • July 13: The launch of the Legendary Armory, a new and improved way for players to manage legendary gear and upgrades.


All those changes lead up to the big End of Dragons livestream, which will provide extensive details about the expansion’s setting, story, and when you’ll get to go hands-on with any upcoming betas.

After 18 months, The Icebrood Saga is finally coming to a close. Its final chapter is called Judgment and will see you and up to 79 other players facing off against a challenging new boss. You can also tackle the same challenge in a “special private version,” although you’ll be limited to 50 players total.

Guild Wars 2 is expected to receive three big updates in the coming month, followed by the highly-anticipated reveal of the End of Dragon expansion on July 27.

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