Guild Wars 2 Wintersday 2021: Dates, Details, Rewards, And More

Guild Wars 2's annual Wintersday event is now live, bringing Toymaker Tixx back to Divinity's Reach alongside a bunch of exclusive weapons, gifts, and other holiday festivities. Wintersday will remain active until January 4, so carve out a bit of time during your adventures to check out the limited-time event.

Wintersday is always a popular event in Guild Wars 2, as it offers more than just a few good-looking cosmetics. Jump into the game today, and you'll find a jumping puzzle, meta-achievements, and a new weekly achievement to keep you busy. Here's a closer look at what Wintersday brings to Guild Wars 2:

  • The Wintersday annual meta-achievement, Wintersday Traditions, has been updated with a new armor reward: the Embellished Wintersday Gift Bag. Transport your gifts around Tyria with this lavish new backpack.
  • A new weekly achievement, (Weekly) Wintersday Festivities, has been added. Complete various festival activities to complete it and earn rewards each week.
  • With its charitable mission complete, the yearly donation event to aid the city of Amnoon has been retired. In its place, the Replica Ho-Ho-Tron has relocated the staging ground for its own donation-seeking event.
  • Orphans in Divinity's Reach who have not received a daily gift will now display an overhead marker to help locate them.
  • Toypocalypse has been significantly updated.
  • Added new items to festival reward vendors and Wintersday Gifts.
  • The icon for Mini Freezie has been updated to better match its scowling face

ArenaNet made a few other changes with the latest update (patch notes can be found here), but nothing is as exciting as the return of Wintersday.

Although Guild Wars 2 has been on the market for nearly a decade, the game has big plans in store for 2022. Specifically, fans can look forward to the End of Dragons expansion – which is set to bring new specializations and a whole new region to explore.

Guild Wars 2 Wintersday is now live and will remain active until January 4.

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