Gungrave Gore Isn’t Dead, Promises “Anime Come To Life In Triple-A Fashion”

The Koch presents Prime Matter showcase gave us a quick tease of Gungrave Gore. Following on from a bit of a misstep with Gungrave VR, developer Iggymob is back to bring the PS2 cult classic up to modern standards.

Gungrave Gore promises “anime come to life in triple-A fashion”, which probably means flashy moves, over-the-top cutscenes, flowing hair, and, of course, lashings of the red stuff.

The teaser trailer shows Beyond the Grave jump from a coffin and over the head of some bewildered gang bangers, snapping one’s neck as he vaults over them. The victim falls to the floor, firing his gun instinctively and killing his friend standing in front of him. Our anti-hero pulls his dual pistols up and the screen fades to black.

The game has been in development for a while and was meant to release on PS4 last year, so it’s a bit strange that we still aren’t being shown any gameplay. Saying that, there aren’t many stylish action games these days, so it’s probably one to keep half an eye on.

Gungrave Gore promises a story of vengeance, love, and loyalty, as well as hyper-stylised, frenetic action. The developer is aiming to combine the best bits from Western and Eastern game design principles to bring the series up to modern standards while retaining the core.

You’ll be able to play Gungrave Gore at some point in 2022 when it releases for PC and consoles.

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