Hades Devs’ Previous Games Are All On Sale On Steam Right Now

Like Hades? The rest of Supergiant Games’ library is on sale for up to 80% off this week.

Hades just released a few weeks ago and it’s already the 11th highest-rated game on Steam with 98.41% (according to SteamDB). That places it up there with the likes of Stardew Valley, Terraria, The Witcher III, and Portal 2.

It’s already sold a million copies after spending a year in early access on the Epic Games store, and it’s looking to even unseat Bastion as Supergiant’s best-selling game.

Speaking of Bastion, if you’ve never played the 2011 action RPG, you can pick it up for a sweet deal along with the rest of Supergiant’s catalog.

In celebration of Hades’ success, Supergiant has put all their previous games on sale, and it’s a pretty sweet deal. You can get Bastion and Transistor for 80% off, while the slightly-more-recent Pyre is only 70% off. That still puts all of these great games well under $10, which is quite frankly a steal.

And they’re all good. Supergiant made their fame with Bastion, winning a bunch of awards for art style, narrative, and soundtrack, and eventually selling over 3 million copies across all its many varied platforms. Transistor followed in big brother Bastion’s footsteps by also clocking over a million in sales. It was a vastly different game compared to Bastion, with Supergiant continuing their tradition of great art, narrative, and music.

Pyre wasn’t quite as successful as the other two, but it’s still a very highly-rated game in its own right.

If you can’t decide, you can get the entire Supergiant Games library in this bundle on Steam for 61% off. That includes the new Hades as well as each game’s soundtrack.

And if you’re more of a mobile Nintendo fan, both Transistor and Bastion are on sale on the Switch eShop. Both are 80% off, but only in North America.

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