Hades — How To Get More Titan Blood

If you’ve been playing Supergiant Games’ most recent roguelike, Hades, you’ll likely be experimenting with the variety of weapons in Zagreus’ arsenal. However, if you truly want to get the most out of the Infernal Arms in Hades, you’ll need a special item called Titan Blood — without it, successfully escaping the cruel clutches of the Underworld becomes a far more taxing ordeal.

As a means of helping you on your odyssey through the depths of Hell, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to get more Titan Blood in Hades, which will ensure that you’re always properly equipped for Tartarus, Asphodel, Elysium, and beyond.

Hades — What Is Titan Blood?

Titan Blood is a unique item in Hades that can be used to upgrade the Infernal Arms. Basically, each weapon in Hades can be divided into four sub-categories, known as Aspects. Every individual Aspect changes the weapon in its own unique way. For example, the Stygian Blade with Aspect of Poseidon dislodges Cast shards from enemies — which, as pointed out in our best Hades builds guide, pairs brilliantly with Artemis’ Exit Wounds Boon — while the Aspect of Arthur increases your base HP and changes your Special to a move designed to increase damage resistance.

The original form of each Infernal Arm is Aspect of Zagreus, which you automatically unlock after purchasing the weapon using Chthonic Keys. You can use Titan Blood to upgrade this Aspect, or to purchase and upgrade one of the other three. In order to unlock Aspects, though, you’ll first need to purchase every individual weapon, so be sure to pump your Chthonic Keys into those. As indicated by our Hades tips and tricks guide, the most important skill from Nyx’s Mirror of Night is Death Defiance anyway, so you shouldn’t be in any major rush to unlock the lower ranks of it.

However, as well as purchasing every weapon, you’ll also need to do something else in order to unlock Aspects in Hades: get your first Titan Blood.

Hades — How To Get More Titan Blood

You earn your first Titan Blood in Hades the first time you defeat Megaera the Fury at the end of Tartarus. Like most chambers in Hades, you get a reward for clearing the room — and in this case, that reward is Titan Blood.

One Titan Blood isn’t going to get you very far, though, so you’ll need to work hard in order to earn more. There are several ways you can go about getting more Titan Blood in Hades:

  • Defeating Megaera with a different weapon — Meg will drop one Titan Blood every time you beat her with a new weapon for the first time.
  • Defeating Hades for the first time with a weapon also causes him to drop Titan Blood, meaning that you can get two Titan Bloods from boss drops in one run.
  • Defeating Meg and Hades every time you turn up the Heat gauge on the Pact of Punishment, which is unlocked after the first time you beat the game. Turning the Heat up to 1 means adding one penalty to your run — maybe healing items will replenish less health, or enemies will deal more damage. Every time you turn up the Heat you reset the boss rewards for the whole run, meaning that Meg and Hades will drop Titan Blood. This also works for each individual weapon — you’ll get Titan Blood for both Heat 2 with the Twin Fists and Heat 2 with the Heart-Seeking Bow.
  • In the River of Styx, Charon sometimes sells Titan Blood in his shop. It costs 1,500 obols, so you’ll have to be conservative with your spending if you want to save up for it — getting the Side Hustle Boon from Hermes helps a lot.
  • In the House of Hades, the merchant in the lounge always has one special offer, which changes every time you do a new run. Sometimes this limited-time-offer is Titan Blood, which you can usually get for a very good bartering price.
  • The Wretched Broker also always stocks Titan Blood that can be purchased for 1 Ambrosia.

And there you have it — as you can probably tell, it becomes incredibly easy to farm Titan Blood once you beat Hades for the first time. As a result, you can upgrade all of your weapons as liberally as you like without having to worry about running out of Titan Blood.

Personally, I’d recommend pumping loads into the Stygian Blade’s Aspect of Arthur, the Twin Fists’ Aspect of Demeter, and the Heart Seeking Bow’s Aspect of Hera, because all of them are absurdly effective against bosses. Pumping Titan Blood into them means getting more Titan Blood for little to no effort — it’s basic Underworld maths.

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