Half-Life VR game reveal rumoured for this week – but it probably won’t happen

Valve was apparently planning to start pre-orders on Wednesday, 1 May but although that date may have been pushed back a little it is still expected to be relatively imminent and the obvious time to reveal the games.

PC Gamer references numerous rumours pointing towards one of them being Half-Life related, including a UploadVR rumour that claims one of the games is a Half-Life prequel and a Valve News Network report that a recent Dota 2 update includes references to ‘hlvr’, i.e. Half-Life VR.

In theory some kind of Half-Life spin-off does make sense, especially as Valve already produced a Portal tech demo spin-off for HTC Vive called The Lab.

Even so, PC Gamer still cautions that the chances of anything Half-Life related are extremely small, and absolutely nobody is talking about Half-Life 3.

Although the fact that Valve has three new games coming out of any kind is exciting enough, so at least the eventual annoucement shouldn’t be a complete let-down.

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