Halo 3 On PC Player Beta Testing Is Now Underway, So Check Your Inbox

Halo 3’s PC public beta test has begun, although the word “public” is slightly misleading–the test is invite only, for players who registered their interest through Halo Waypoint. This beta (or “flight,” to use developer 343 Industries’ terminology) will allow players to test out Halo 3 on PC for the first time. If you’ve received an invite, it will be in your Waypoint inbox.

This is the fourth part of The Master Chief Collection released on PC, which began with Halo: Reach in late 2019. You can download the flight through the Windows Store or Steam, via the links in the tweet below.

Unfortunately, the “overview” and “known issue” pages are currently down. Hopefully this is…well, a known issue. It was promised that several known bugs would be dealt with ahead of this public test.

Halo 3: ODST and its Firefight will come to PC in the Summer, and Halo 4 will complete the Collection at some point–hopefully before Halo Infinite drops in late 2020.

Halo 3 is actually technically the game in the series PC players have had to wait the longest for–both Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 received earlier boxed PC releases. Hopefully it’s a strong port, as Halo 3 is one of best games in the series.

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