Halo 4 – Terminal Location Guide

Halo 4 continued the trend set by Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST of including multiple terminals, scattered throughout the campaign, perfect for fans looking to better understand the complex history of the Halo universe. Halo 4 features seven total terminals, one on each level except for the first mission, Dawn.

These terminals tell the story of the fallen romance between the Didact and the Librarian, and the Didact’s descent into malevolence and construction of his Forerunner army, which Master Chief takes head-on in the Halo 4 campaign. These terminals play as motion comics, a huge step-up from the Halo 3 text-based terminals, but not quite as refined as Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary’s and Halo 2: Anniversary’s full-motion cutscene terminals.

These terminals can be found on any difficulty, so Easy is recommended, as the terminals do not differ based on difficulty in the way that Halo 3’s do. Each terminal will net you five gamerscore if you are playing the Master Chief Collection, while viewing all seven will earn you the “Terminus” achievements, worth 20 gamerscore.



The first terminal can be found at the very end of Requiem, so load up Rally Point and proceed to the point pictured below. This is the final elevator to end the level, but instead of heading up the ramp to the elevator, walk under the ramp to find the terminal hidden away.

This terminal shows the Librarian and the Didact discussing whether to abandon the philosophies of the Mantle, present to an audience in the Council Chamber.


“Lord of Admirals”

The Forerunner terminal can also be found on Rally Point Bravo of its respective level. Play through the area until you reach the circular platform pictured below.

From here, head straight forward, to the right of the ramp leading to the exit out of this area. Underneath the door, you can find the second terminal of the game.

This terminal introduces the romance between the Didact and the Librarian, then shows Forthencho and a bridge officer cleansing a planet of all life after discovering flood infestations on the surface.


“Charum Hakkor”

This is the easiest terminal in the game to find. Load up Rally Point Bravo on Infinity. You will spawn in a room with a few marines and ramp leading down to a door. Literally just turn around the terminal will be a few feet in front of you.

This terminal reveals the Didact and the Librarian argue about whether their actions against the human race are justified.



Once again, load up Rally Point Bravo, this time on Reclaimer. This terminal can be found shortly after retrieving Cortana from a pedestal, following the cutscene where Master Chief is made immune to the Composer. Head forward into the area pictured below.

Instead of proceeding forward onto the elevator, take a right and walk to the end of the hallway to find the terminal.

This terminal shows the Didact narrating over the Forerunners exterminating human soldiers, then the Librarian arguing that the humans were only trying to help stop the Flood.



Shutdown features the only terminal in the game that you won’t be starting from Rally Point Bravo to obtain. Instead, load up Rally Point Delta and proceed through the level until you reach the light bridge pictured below, with the two hunters on the other side.

Instead of going over to the hunters, backtrack across the light bridge you just crossed, then take a right. You’re going to want to head to the platform that Master Chief is facing in the picture below.

Cross the two light bridges to reach that platform, then head around to the back of the structure to find the terminal.

This terminal shows Faber discussing with the Librarian about whether or not Halo rings should be used to stop the spread of the Flood, while the Didact considers the use of the Composer.



From Rally Point Bravo on Composer, you should spawn in a large, open, snow-covered area pictured below.

From the bottom of the ramp ahead of you, turn about 45 degrees to the right and head to the point pictured below.

Here, turn right and you should see a small cave. Follow through this cave to find the terminal at the other end.

This terminal tells of the Didact’s use of the Composer to digitize the human race on Installation 04, turning them into Promethean Knights. It then shows the Librarian’s condemnation of her husband for this act.



Finally, the last terminal can be found by loading up Rally Point Bravo on the finale level, Midnight. At this point, you will need to fight through numerous rooms of Promethean Knights and watchers. The terminal can be found in the third room.

Once you reach it, the terminal will be in a straight line from the entrance, facing away from the door. Walk around the small pillar-like structures to find the final terminal of the game.

This final terminal shows the Librarian forcing the Didact back into a Cryptum, hoping that further meditation would change his motives.

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