Halo Combat Evolved’s PC Beta Has Begun

Halo: Combat Evolved’s new PC port has finally begun beta testing. After 343 Industries encountered an error with Halo Wars 2 that necessitated delaying The Master Chief Collection’s rollout on PC, everything is back on track for an eventual release of this Xbox classic. The current beta includes four campaign missions and some matchmaking content for players to work through.

Invites to the beta should be going out to Halo Insider members. This new stress test is a public flight, so anyone that opts into beta testing should receive an invitation to their attached email address. For those that have already redeemed their invitations, 343 has set up a link to report any issues users might encounter.

While the existence of this beta doesn’t mean Combat Evolved’s release is right around the corner, 343 Industries has stated it will bring the remainder of the Halo series to PC this year. We could see a staggered schedule of one game every few months until everything is up and running.

As for what players can expect with this new port, the most obvious is the redone graphics that Halo CE: Anniversary Edition brought to this game. Released on Xbox 360 back in 2011, Anniversary Edition featured an extensive touchup to pretty much every little detail of Halo’s presentation. Music was re-recorded, some dialogue was replaced, and the visuals were tweaked to make use of more modern techniques. It all layered on top of the original game and even featured a button to swap between graphical modes.

Being on PC, users can also expect 4K resolution support, ultra-widescreen monitor support, and mouse and keyboard controls. As with Reach, 343 Industries has made sure to tweak Halo to feel more comfortable for users playing with PC equipment. It should end up feeling smooth as butter.

Contained as part of the Master Chief Collection, users subscribed to Microsoft’s Game Pass service for PC should get immediate access to Combat Evolved whenever it releases. With cross-play between Xbox One and PC eventually coming, it could be an excellent way to reunite with some old friends. Everybody remembers the first time they fragged on Blood Gulch.

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