Halo Infinite Official Launch Trailer Reshows Big Banished Baddie

We're just over a week away from Halo Infinite's campaign arriving on PC and Xbox, and that means it's time for an official trailer. Halo Infinite doesn't disappoint with this two-minute romp that catches players up on the story so far and gives us yet another look at the big Banished bad that will almost certainly be the final boss.

If you've seen the campaign overview trailer from last month, a lot of this footage should look familiar. There's Master Chief talking to his human pilot (who still doesn't have a name) about the futility of a single Spartan against an entire Army of Banished, pontificating with The Weapon about how no plan ever survives contact with the enemy, and plenty of explosions from rocket launchers, explosive barrels, and the UNSC Wasp flyer.

We also get a good look at Escharum, the Banished leader and the guy responsible for taking over Zeta Halo with the intent of ending humanity. This Brute war chief is decked out in full armor and wields a Gravity Axe with deadly intent. Alongside him is a mysterious entity known only as The Harbinger, who apparently can fight against The Weapon’s attempted cyber takeover of Zeta Halo’s systems.

Not pictured in the trailer is another Banished character, Jega Rdomnai, a Spartan Hunter that was showcased in the campaign overview. That's three possible boss fights and we haven't even seen the full campaign yet.

Halo Infinite's campaign drops December 8, but you can already play Infinite's free-to-play multiplayer, which dropped in tandem with Xbox's 20th Anniversary celebration. People are loving the classic Halo gameplay, but they're less enthused about the grindy battle pass. Player progression felt slow thanks to objectives and games not providing nearly enough XP, a problem that's only now been addressed by giving Spartans 1,000 bonus XP for their first six games played every day.

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