Halo Infinite Propaganda Towers Make Fun Of Dev Team’s Names

As you set off on your journey to liberate Zeta Halo from The Banished, you're going to come across a few key locations and tasks that will help you with your progress. Taking over FOBs, neutralizing high value targets, liberating friendlies, all build up towards pushing your enemy out. Another one of these points of interest are Propaganda Towers. They're basically loud speakers with a Grunt on the other end, talking shit about you and building up The Banished.

If you've played the game, you probably know by now that these little rascals have a big mouth and constantly talk smack – that is until they get shot at. While most of these Propaganda Tower Grunts are constantly dissing humans, one particular guy has been going full meta and making fun of the names of Halo Infinite's dev team.

"Attention humans," says the Grunt over the loudspeaker. "I was just going back through some dogtags plucked off your dead comrades and I gotta say- human names are just the dumbest sounding names in the galaxy. Easterling, McDonagh, Linde, Crocker- where'd you come up with that stupid crap? Go back in time and tell your parents to try harder."

If you've been keeping up with news about Halo Infinite, these names must have surely come up. They're all 344 Industries employees and are among the higher-ups in the game's development team. Joe McDonagh is the narrative lead, Jeff Easterling is the franchise and narrative writer, Aaron Linde is the lead narrative designer, and Paul Crocker is the associate creative director.

While these Grunts are all talk, and barely put up any resistance in person, there is one type of enemy Halo Infinite players absolutely hate. No, not the Jackal Sniper, I'm talking about cheaters in the game's multiplayer mode.

Hackers have currently been plaguing the game, using cheats like aimbots and wallhacks to rack up the kills in an unfair manner. This has resulted in the game's crossplay feature being labelled "unplayable'' by a number of console players. The fact that Infinite doesn't have any proprietary or third-party anti-cheat has also been a sour point for players.

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