Halo Infinite: Where To Find Every Skull

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It's a tradition among the various Halo games to have a variety of well-hidden skulls that are incredibly easy to miss. It typically requires a lot of exploration and experimentation to discover them. Considering that Halo Infinite takes place in a massive open world, it may be harder than ever to get your hands on them all.

Luckily, after hours of searching, we've managed to acquire all of the skulls. So to help you have that Grunt Birthday Party that you so desperately want, here are the locations of every skull in Halo Infinite.

It's important to note that some of these skulls are located in story campaign missions. There currently isn't a way to replay these missions, so if you miss a level-specific skull, you'll have to start the campaign all over again. It's a real pain, but the ability to replay campaign missions will be added in the future. For now, you got to find that skull on the first try.

Boom Skull

The first skull is the Boom skull, which doubles the radius of explosions. It's found in the first mission of the game, Warship Gbraakon, so you have to grab it right at the start of the campaign.

Fight your way through the ship until you reach an area that has a kinetic ammo station outside of a door with a blue light on it. Enter that room and kill all the enemies inside. The room should look something like this.

On the right side of this room, you should see some platforms rising like elevators. Scan the area and you should see the outline of the skull above you. Stand on the platform that will rise up to the skull and you should be able to find it without much trouble.

Cowbell Skull

Next up is the Cowbell skull, which increases the acceleration from explosions. It's located in the second mission, Foundation, which makes it another missable skull.

After you've met and acquired The Weapon, you'll ride an elevator while Master Chief experiences a bunch of memories. As you watch all the various blue, holographic children run around, you'll go through a door and see a window like this.

Head to the left, kill all of the enemies, and then look up at the pillars in this area.

You need to Grappleshot your way to the top of the first pillar. Scan the area and you'll see that the skull is atop another pillar across the huge gap in this room. You need to jump across the gap and Grappleshot your way up to that skull. This can be a tricky bit of platforming, so you can probably expect to fall to your death a few times while trying to grab it.

Blind Skull

The Blind skull disables your hud, which makes it ideal for taking good screenshots of the game. Head to this location on the first island in the open-world portion of the game.

Climb up the mountain and look over the edge. You should see a huge canyon here. Make your way down onto the metallic hexagonal pillars and look for more natural-looking rocky ground around here. You should find the corpse of a soldier with a rocket launcher sitting next to them. After an enemy ship flies past you, continue downwards to find another dead soldier next to a battle rifle.

Even though it looks like certain death, keep going down off of this rocky cliff until you start falling. Immediately Grappleshot the hexagonal pillars to the left and you should land on a small platform that's hidden below. At this point, you should hear the telltale creepy sound of the skull and find it around the corner.


IWHBYD stands for I Would Have Been Your Daddy, and it makes rare dialogue occur more frequently. So if you like random Halo silliness, this is your skull.

This one is relatively easy to find. When you start the mission called Recovery, you'll have to infiltrate a structure called The Tower. The skull is right on top of this very tall building. If you're driving a Wasp or a Phantom, or you have an upgraded Grappleshot, you should be able to reach this skull without too much of a hassle.

Fog Skull

The Fog skull disables the motion tracker on your radar, which makes it harder to tell where your enemies are coming from. If you head west of FOB Alpha towards the edge of the second island and southeast of the marker for the Foundation mission, that's where you'll find this skull.

Wander along the hexagonal cliffside until you find this weird doll.

Go past the doll and you'll notice a whole bunch of pillars and platforms with wide gaps between them. Grappleshot your way across these platforms and head upwards while scanning for the skull. You should eventually hear the skull's eerie whispering and find it sitting atop a pile of USNC and Banished helmets. There's also an S7 sniper rifle here as an added bonus.

Catch Skull

The Catch skull makes enemies throw and drop more grenades, which can allow for quite a bit of chaos. It's found on the C-shaped island that's in the northern part of the second region of the map. Grappleshot or fly your way there and head to this location.

Once you get there, you'll have to fight some tough enemies including two Hunters. It's a good idea to bring some heavy-duty weapons to take them down. After they're dead, you'll find the skull inside a tree trunk.

Famine Skull

The Famine skull reduces the amount of ammo that weapons dropped by enemies have. When you reach the fourth region of the map, you should be in the middle of a campaign mission called The Sequence which requires you to go to four different beacons. You'll find this skull on a small island that's to the south of the beacon to the east.

At this point, you'll likely be able to spawn a Wasp at one of your FOBs. Get ahold of one or steal a Phantom and fly over to this island. Land on it and look among the bodies. You'll find this skull in the hand of a dead yellow Elite.

Black Eye Skull

The Black Eye skull makes it so your shields only replenish when you punch enemies. This one is a little tricky to find. Head to this spot on the map.

You should see a small lake that leads to a waterfall. As video game logic dictates, all waterfalls must have a secret area behind them. There's a very small cave hidden about halfway up this waterfall. Make sure your flashlight is on because it can be easy to miss this cave without any light. Once you find it, crouch down to enter the cave and you'll find the skull sitting atop a wooden pillar surrounded by dead Brutes.

Thunderstorm Skull

The Thunderstorm skull increases the ranks of enemies, which means you'll be fighting much stronger Banished when it's activated. Grab a Wasp or Banshee and fly over to this point on the map.

Here you'll find a single hexagonal pillar that's taller than the ones around it. Get on top of this pillar and that's where you'll find the skull.

Mythic Skull

Now we're onto the final three skulls, which are all found in story campaign missions and can be missed if you don't pick them up. If you don't pick them up now, then you have to start a new save file. So be careful.

The Mythic skull increases the health of enemies and is located in a mission called The Command Spire. As you progress through this level, you'll take a grav lift up and enter a room that looks like this.

Keep moving forward past the burning gates that hexagonal pillars are passing through and kill all the Banished in your way. You'll reach a section where the pillars will turn and go to the right. Climb onto this slanted platform.

Now Grappleshot onto one of the moving pillars and then Grappleshot up into the dark area above you. You should see a blue door that looks like this.

Go through the door, head down the hallway, and you'll find the Mythic skull.

Grunt Birthday Party Skull

You know you want this skull since it makes confetti appear when you headshot a Grunt. It's found in the mission called Repository and is very easy to miss since it requires you to follow some steps to get it.

You'll reach a wide-open area with a relay in the middle. After placing The Weapon on it, you'll watch a cut scene featuring Echo-216 being tortured and Escharum giving one of his angry speeches. After this cutscene, two red doors to the left and right of you will turn blue. Grappleshot across the gap to the door on your right. Head inside to find a power seed. Grab it and Grappleshot your way over to the door on the left. Don't worry if you drop the power seed as it'll respawn back in its original cradle if that happens. Go into the left door and place the power seed in the cradle there.

Now continue through the level normally until you reach a room that looks like this.

What that power seed did was open up that window above. If you don't place the power seed, that area will be closed off and you can't get the skull.

There's one more thing to look out for before you can pick up the skull. Well actually there are four more things as four invisible Elites armed with Energy Swords are waiting for you in that room up there. Use your Threat Sensor to spot them and then take them all out. Now you can pick up the Grunt Birthday Party skull in peace.

Bandana Skull

The final skull is possibly the best skull of all as it gives you unlimited ammo and grenades and gets rid of any cooldowns on your equipment. It's found in the final mission, The Silent Auditorium.

To get this skull, there's one thing you absolutely cannot do: you can't kill a single Sentinel. That's right, those annoying little drones that shoot lasers at you? You can't destroy any of them. If you do, you might as well restart the whole mission.

This can be difficult as there's one area where they're all over the place and they'll constantly blast you while you're trying to fight other enemies. However, while it is tempting to kill everything in your path since you're Master Chief, the key to getting past this section without harming a Sentinel is to simply run past everyone and get to the next area. You can do this easily if you fully upgraded your Thruster ability. When you max out your Thruster, you gain a 4-second invisibility cloak. So Thruster your way across this area and continue forward.

If you managed to keep all of the Sentinels alive, then you should see this extra light bridge leading to a blue door right before the final boss fight.

Head across the bridge, go through the door, and you'll find the Bandana skull sitting on a tall platform in this room.

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