Harvestella: 10 Best Side Characters In The Game

One of the things that makes a great game, aside from weapons and character builds, are the side characters that advance the game’s story. In Harvestella, both villainous and friendly characters help you progress in your quests, or understand your backstory.

There are also a plethora of side characters and villains that aid you in your search for answers and making a productive farm. From the first boss you fight to the last character to enter your party, you’re constantly interacting with NPCs that give the game more depth.

10/10 Unicorn

The not-so-uniquely-named, Unicorn, is one of the first bosses you encounter. Though relatively easy to beat, they do play an important role with regard to your character. After you defeat Unicorn, they realize that perhaps you’re on the same side after all, and offer to become an ally. In addition, they support your quest and introduce you to Dianthus, who comes in handy throughout the game.

Although it may seem like not much thought was put into the creation of this character, let alone the name itself, they do help you develop your first set of skills, while also handing you useful information.

9/10 Geist

One of the plots within Harvestella is discovering the cause behind the dreaded Quietus. Geist is a major villain, if not the main one, and although little is known about his true intentions it is clear that he plays a big role in the Omens that are affecting the village.

Geist moves the story along quite nicely, especially since most of the bosses or villains you encounter will attribute their cause to him. So, it’s relatively important for you to know who he is.

8/10 Dianthus

Dianthus is the character Unicorn introduces you to, who later joins your party. Dianthus is also responsible for unlocking one of the game’s job classes, Lunamancer – a powerful job that deals AoE magical damage. Though, keep in mind to unlock additional job classes, you must build a relationship with the character.

Dianthus plays a unique part in the story too. As more is revealed about her, it may eventually cause strife within your party. She also gifts you items early in the game, after your first encounter with Unicorn.

7/10 Brakka

Harvestella’s mercenary, Brakka, knows his worth and isn’t afraid to let you know. He is willing to do or aid you in almost any job needed, but it could cost a pretty penny. Brakka also guides you through several temples and provides helpful tips along the way that gives you the edge in certain situations.

Once you become BFFs with Brakka, he will unlock the Avenger job class which helps you deal a massive amount of damage from a distance.

6/10 Mayor

The Mayor is one of the first people from the village that you meet that helps you get started. When you’re first greeted by Cres she gives you a present from the Mayor, starting seeds. As you may have guessed, in a farming simulator, starting seeds are essential to kick-start your farm.

The Mayor will also teach you about the Crafting Table and give you the recipes for both the Hammer and Return Bell.

5/10 Asyl

We all wish we had a friend like Asyl, who sticks by Aria’s side and by default, yours. Asyl is an early party character that is introduced to you as the protector of his home, Nemea Town. He aids Aria in getting her memory back and provides support to your party early on.

Like many others that end up joining your party, Asyl also unlocks more of the Sky Lancer job class as you build a friendship with him.

4/10 Girl

A terrible name for the character that is pretty much by your side since the beginning. Nevertheless, without any other name to go on, Girl is one of the first side characters you interact with. Throughout your initial journey of navigating the village and starting your farm, she’s there to guide you and provide tips on how to get things going.

Girl also explains certain elements of the game to you, making it possible to discover new things and obtain items.

3/10 Cres

Much like the real world, Cres, the town doctor, requires payment whenever you lose your health and faint. Life-saving services, don’t come for free and the further out you are from the village, the more you will have to pay.

An if you don't have the Grilla to pay her, you’ll be surprised when she takes whatever is on you. Regardless, she is one of the most important side characters, since she quite literally brings you back to life.

2/10 Faeries

Although these are technically four side characters, they are some of the most helpful ones within the game. Throughout your playthrough, you will encounter and rescue various faeries – with the Fire Faerie, Juno, being the first you come across. Right from your introduction to her, she will help your farm by using a sort of all-encompassing protection bubble.

As you progress, you will find Aeril, the Wind Faerie, Iris, the Water Faerie, and Shirli the Earth Faerie. These four are there to help bring balance to your farm via their connection to the elements and help it prosper.

1/10 Aria

Aria is arguably one of the most important side characters in the game. She interacts with you daily, and she tries to figure out her dark past. As you grow your friendship with Aria, you will unlock the Assault Savant job class.

Since Aria’s occupation is a scientist, it’s only fitting that the Assault Savant job class combines science and melee combat, allowing you to switch between attributes of the job to boost your regular attacks.

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