Here Are E3 2019's Leaks And Rumors So Far

As with any E3 seasons, the more a company tries to keep a big announcement secret, the more likely it is that it makes it out to the public long before. It makes sense, video games are not only big business, they’re big projects. Some major titles can have close to 1000 developers, not to mention the people marketing the game, people printing banners and posters for the reveal, someone who just happened to be on a plane while a developer was watching the trailer, or people setting up the booths.

The point is, things get out. We want to report on those things getting out and want to make it convenient for you. So here is a list of possible leaks ahead of E3 2019 that might be at the show. That doesn’t mean these things are definitely happening, no one can say that for sure until E3 actually takes place. Here is just a number of rumors that have some degree of credibility.

Ninja Theory’s First Game Under Microsoft Leaks 

Just a few days before Microsoft’s E3 press conference, intrepid data-watchers discovered a trailer for Ninja Theory’s new game was seemingly uploaded early. The game, titled Bleeding Edge, is apparently a 4v4 multiplayer brawler with stylized graphics. Microsoft announced that they acquired Ninja Theory at last year’s E3, but the plans were in place for months before that, so it might be time for the DmC: Devil May Cry developer to show off something new. The trailer certainly looks genuine.

Mana Collection Being Localized 

A few days ago, a trademark for Collection of Mana was discovered originating in Europe. Since its discovery, rumors have gotten stronger that Square Enix is looking to finally bring the Switch collection of Seiken Densetsu games to America after they were released in Japan on 2017. The collection included games that were localized Final Fantasy Adventure, Secret of Mana, and an unlocalized third game known in Japan as Seiken Densetsu 3. The rumors, combined with the trademark, heavily hint at the idea that Square Enix is going to finally release Seiken Densetu 3 in English after nearly 25 years.

The Witcher 3 Will Release On Switch 

A few months ago, some European retail listings made the odd suggestion of The Witcher 3, a game that struggled on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, on the Nintendo Switch. Further retail listings recently suggested the game could release as soon as September and the fact that there are physical listings mean it would be a game ported to Switch and not a “Cloud Version” like Resident Evil 7 or Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. This rumor got elevated when Doug Cockle, the velvet-voiced actor behind Geralt of Rivia, tweeted a tease about the Switch version. The open-world monster killing RPG looks like it could release on Switch after all.

Rare’s Banjo Is Coming To Super Smash Bros. 

Banjo and his avian partner Kazooie have been some of the most requested characters for the Nintendo collective fighting game, but the comparatively smaller character rosters and in the early days combined with the fact that competitor Microsoft eventually acquired Banjo-Kazooie rights holder Rare meant that it was never really a realistic option. Now, according to some rumors, it looks like Microsoft and Nintendo’s new sense of collaboration might bear fruit with the bear and bird coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate as DLC characters to be announced as DLC. It has been six months since a DLC character has been announced for the game, so we’re definitely due for some kind of announcement.

Baldur’s Gate III Is Coming From Larian 

Developer Larian, famous for the acclaimed Divinity: Original Sin games, has been teasing a new RPG with very pointed imagery. Posting a picture of a “3” in roman numerals and including metadata that heavily points toward a new Baldur’s Gate, Larian has gotten everyone buzzing about the possibility of a new game. Beamdog, who has been reviving older RPGs for modern platforms, has been teasing a new game for a while, but it looks like Larian might be the one to actually do it. Update: The game was confirmed during the Stadia Connect.

Resident Evil Creator Shinji Mikami Will Announce Something At E3 

This one is a bit of a stretch. Shinji Mikami, creator of games like Resident Evil, Vanquish, and most recently The Evil Within, has tweeted that he will be attending E3 this year. This has fans speculating that Mikami, who did not work on Tango’s The Evil Within 2, might be at Bethesda’s E3 conference with something new to announce. However, it is E3, which means it is a great time for developers to hold business meetings when everyone is around, so it does not necessarily mean Mikami is there to announce anything. Update: Shinji Mikami tweeted that “rehearsal day” is done.

Fable IV Will Be Revealed 

Rumors of a new Fable have been swirling for well over a year. Last E3, Microsoft acquired Playground Games, the Forza Horizon developers, who were also rumored to be working on a new Fable game. In the year since, Playground has staffed up quite a bit, hiring for an entirely second team, making the possibility of a new Fable more likely. A post appeared on Reddit just ahead of E3 which claims that Fable 4 will be taking place across time and space in a post-Albion world.

From Software Working On A Game With George R.R. Martin 

The A Song of Ice and Fire writer has been very busy doing a lot of things that aren’t finishing books and one of those things appears to be consulting on a video game. There have been rumors about a From Software game with consultation from Martin, rumors which got a booster shot when Martin himself confirmed that he has been working on a game from Japan. Website Gematsu then released a litany of details on the game, reportedly codenamed GR, which they say is a From Software title with a new IP and has been in development for around three years. Gematsu also reported that the game, published by Dark Souls publisher Bandai Namco, would be revealed at the Microsoft E3 conference.

Microsoft Plans To Reveal Its New Console 

Last year, Phil Spencer closed the Xbox E3 stage show by offhandedly talking about the future of cloud technology and how they plan to integrate that into future consoles. It was, at the time, the first public acknowledgement of the next generation of consoles, but very little was said beyond that. This year, it has been suggested Microsoft will be talking much further about two new consoles, codenamed Lockheart and Anaconda. There would be one high-powered box, with one that sells for cheaper. Usually this would just classify as a rumor, but the same source also mentioned an all-digital Xbox One launching before E3, which was announced a few months ago.

Watch Dogs 3 Is Known As Watch Dogs Legion 

Courtesy of an Amazon UK retail listing, the third Watch Dogs game seemingly got a title as Watch Dogs Legion. Described as taking place in a post-Brexit dystopian version of London, the game is supposedly a bed for a mechanic that lets you take over any NPC in the game world at your leisure. It is likely that Watch Dogs Legion will be a big part of Ubisoft’s E3 show this year. Update: The game has now been confirmed.

Avengers Details Leaked 

E3 Coliseum, the in-depth dives with developers during the show, accidentally put up a listing for their Avengers panel after Square Enix had confirmed its presence for their presentation. The listing included a full description of multiple sentences, stating that the upcoming superhero game will feature customizable heroes, can be played in single-player or multiplayer, team power combinations, and that the world will change over time. It gives us a small hint of what the game might be like as Square Enix has remained tight-lipped since its announcement.

A New Darksiders Game Hinted At 

E3 Coliseum strikes again with another listing for a new Darksiders game. Described as a fresh new take on the series, and also referencing something inexplicably called corporate lore, the panel description refers to a newly-announced game. During THQ’s ridiculous and very embarrassing AMA earlier this year, they posted a list of their E3 slate, which contained the title Darksiders: Genesis. In addition, Airship Syndicate, which employs a large ratio of developers from the former Darksiders developer Vigil, changed their Twitter background to an image that hints at a new Darksiders game. Update: The game has been confirmed by THQ Nordic.

We will keep this list updated as things get confirmed, denied, or added.

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