Here’s The Opening Sequence From The Dragon’s Dogma Anime

Dragon’s Dogma is getting turned into a cartoon. Just like Castlevania before it, Dragon’s Dogma will be a gritty, dark, anime-style show that adapts the game into a seven-episode series telling the tale of a noble hero who goes on a journey to retrieve his heart from an evil dragon.

The show’s development was announced way back in March 2019 and we’ve only just recently got details from Netflix on what to expect. The first trailer dropped last month, and now we’ve got the opening credits to tide us over until the show’s release next week.

In following with other modern Netflix shows like Altered Carbon, Dragon’s Dogma starts with a bunch of 3D still images with the camera panning around them. Although beginning as closeups, they become clearer as the intro wears on until we’re left with a charred human approaching a dragon.

The music is very Skyrim-esque, which given the source material makes a lot of sense. There’s definitely going to be dragons in Dragon’s Dogma, and what reminds us all more of dragons than Skyrim?

As for the show itself, we got a brief plot synopsis thanks to the teaser trailer released at the end of August. After having his village destroyed and his heart ripped out by a dragon, Ethan is revived as an Arisen. He then sets out to get his heart back and exact revenge. On his way, he meets Hannah the Pawn, faces the seven deadly sins, and fights a whole bunch of skeletons.

Fans of the original 2012 game should recognize plenty in Dragon’s Dogma. The original source material was lovingly massaged to create this anime, with industry veterans Shin’ya Sugai, Kurasumi Sunayama, and Iku Nishimura handling development. You might recognize those names from other shows including 009 RE: Cyborg, Ghost in the Shell Arise, and Eden of the East.

Dragon’s Dogma arrives on Netflix on September 17th. Mark your calendar.

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