Here’s why fans believe an Overwatch x Genshin Impact crossover may be coming

Two much-loved gaming worlds may be set to collide, as Overwatch could be crossing over with Genshin Impact for Playstation and Nintendo Switch.

Hero-based game Overwatch was released in May 2016, while anime-style Genshin Impact came in September 2020. Since their releases, both games have been equally adored by fans around the globe.

Leaks suggesting that these two games may be coming together for an exciting collaboration have understandably caused a lot of excitement among fans. The idea also seems quite possible since both games are quite popular for crossovers.

For instance, Genshin has previously had crossovers with games like Horizon: Zero Dawn and Horizon: Forbidden West with heroin Aloy making an appearance in the game.

Here’s why fans believe that an Overwatch x Genshin Impact crossover is on the way and how they’ve reacted to the interesting idea.

Why do fans think an Overwatch x Genshin Impact crossover could be coming?

Recently, Overwatch developers, Blizzard, released a series of artworks to celebrate the Christmas season. The artwork featured a collection of the fans’ most loved heroes getting together.

One of these Overwatch Christmas artworks showed fiery English DPS, Tracer, receiving a gift from a mysterious blonde character.

Many believed that this strange character was D.Va, one of five unique Legendary skins up for grabs in the Overwatch Christmas event 2021. However, a few others had a different idea.

Some fans speculated that it could be a sign of a Genshin Impact crossover, citing the use of the splash art style, which is a signature of the anime-style game.

A couple of guesses also pointed out that the speculated character in the Christmas art looked similar to Genshin's Barbara and Jean.

How fans reacted to the rumours of a Overwatch x Genshin Impact crossover

Discussing the idea of a Genshin Impact x Overwatch crossover, one fan said: "Glad I’m not the only one to find it sus that they both released Christmas art literally at the same time as each other."

Another added: "I’ve always thought if Genshin x Overwatch happened, Hanzo and Genji would be good additions," while a third fan posted an image on Twitter, exclaiming: "THE GENSHIN X OVERWATCH CROSSOVER OMG?"

For now, we don't know if there's any truth to the speculations of a crossover. But, with how quickly Genshin’s roster is continuing to expand and the new 2.4 update set to be one of the biggest yet, the possibilities do seem endless.

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