Hitman 3: Freelancer Gameplay And Details Revealed By IO Interactive

When the Freelancer mode for Hitman 3 was first announced, fans of the series were excited at the prospect of a roguelike mode set within the game's sprawling maps and intricate AI systems. Unfortunately, IO Interactive pushed the launch of the game mode back to January 26, 2023. Finally, on the eve of Freelancer's closed technical test, we have details and gameplay of the mode.

Firstly, IO announced that the closed technical test will run between 1pm UTC on November 3 and 4pm UTC on November 7. The test is invite-only, but there is a signup page if you're interested – although, IO says that there are no promises of you getting an invite if you sign up. Additionally, the CTT will be on Steam only and will "be available as a separate ‘game’, meaning it cannot be accessed from the standard Hitman 3 game. You will need a download code sent from IOI to access it and play."

Now onto the juicy bits – gameplay footage and details for the mode. Agent 47 will start each run in his very own safehouse. His mission will be to assassinate four syndicate leaders in Showdowns. However, before you can get to each leader, you'll need to take care of a few contracts and gain intel. So, think of each Showdown as a boss fight.

Each contract and Showdown will take place on a separate map, but will also include elements that weren't in the base game, like Couriers, Suppliers, and Safes. You'll be able to rob Couriers to get Mercers – the mode's special currency – and spend them on weapons from the Supplier.

Between each mission, you'll head back to your safehouse, where you can store weapons that you find or buy along the way, swap costumes, go through intel, and even spruce up 47's pad. Showdowns are a bit tougher than normal contracts, where you have to identify the syndicate leader based on the intel you've gathered, assassinate them, and exfiltrate.

Of course, this is a roguelike, so if you fail, you'll have to start from the top, lose your arsenal, and even half your Mercers.

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