Hitman 3: How To Get Silent Assassin, Suit Only In Dubai

For the Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge in Hitman 3’s Dubai mission, you’ll need to eliminate both targets without killing anyone else, being compromised or discovered, or having any bodies found. And you’ll have to do all of that without a single disguise either.

The Dubai map can be looked at as two separate areas, the party, and the penthouse. There are a lot of public spaces in the party where wearing the classic suit won’t get you into any trouble, while the entire penthouse is out of bounds. So to complete this challenge, you will both traverse the two areas, and to do that safely you will have to have already opened the Helipad shortcut. So, if you haven’t opened this shortcut yet, make sure you do that before attempting this. To find that shortcut, head to the ventilation room in the penthouse. There is a crowbar and the ladder right there to use it on. You won’t need any special weapons or hidden stashes to complete this. You won’t need any special gear to complete this challenge, although a silenced pistol and garrotte are recommended.

Reaching Carl Ingram In The Penthouse

You can approach the targets in either order, so use whatever preference you prefer. For the benefit of this guide, we will be heading to the villa and Carl Ingram first. From the lobby where you begin in your classic suit, head up the stairs and take a left to the Balcony Bar. From there, hop over the barrier in the corner and shimmy over until you’re able to climb up on the neighbouring balcony, which is a staging area for the exhibition. From here you’ll be trespassing so be alert for any patrols or wandering characters. There should be one worker here with you, and he won’t see you if you stay low.

Make your way over to the helipad ladder at the far side of the balcony and climb up. Once on the next level, take an immediate left and make your way over to the shortcut ladder that leads to the ventilation room. Some patrolling guards are wandering along the right-side catwalk so be careful. Climb up the shortcut ladder, but keep an eye for the mechanic inside as he sometimes turns around to look in this direction. Once you get an opportunity, subdue him and move his body behind one of the ventilators.

If you’re lucky, Carl Ingram will be in the room next door dictating his awful memoir, if not you’ll have to wait for his arrival. You won’t be able to get him yet, but you will be able to remove one of his two personal guards. Grab the crowbar on top of one of the ventilation machines and open the door to the Study, so you should see the back of the guard. Don’t attack him here as others will overhear it. Instead, quickly retreat and throw the crowbar inside the ventilation room so the guard hears it. Make sure you’re not accidentally leading him to the mechanic’s body though. Once he’s inside, subdue him and move his body just in case. No one else will come into this room so they don’t need to be properly hidden.

Now wait for Ingram to move upstairs and follow behind his last remaining guard. There are a lot of guards and staff so be careful, but you should be able to get upstairs and out to the Terrace without detection. With a bit of luck you can assassinate Ingram here, using the crowbar to knock out one guard and throwing it at the other before using a silenced pistol to kill Ingram all before anyone spots anything, but that is a tricky series of moves and depends on the timing of the guards more than anything else.

Instead head left, down the corridor that leads to Ingram’s suite. Take the left-hand door before you get there and you’ll find a member of staff polishing the bath. Subdue him and hide the body in the nearby box. Wait for Ingram to pass with his last remaining guard a few steps behind. Catch the guard alone in the corridor, or lure him into the bathroom like the previous guard and knock him out. Make sure his body is out of sight to avoid detection.

With him out of the way, Ingram is a much easier target. The most secluded area to get him is the Terrace that you just went through, so head back there and knock the guard that hovers around. Drag his body to the bathroom or the northern edge of the balcony as no one goes there. Now wait for Ingram to come back and eliminate him however you wish, hiding his body with the others. Don’t push him over the railing though, as the people below will find the body and nullify your Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge.

Catching Marcus Stuyvesant In The Black Gold Bar

Head back the way you came, back to the ventilation room and down the helipad ladders, over the railing until you are no longer trespassing and back in the party section of the map. Head for the Black Gold Bar which you will have passed at the very beginning of the run. Marcus Stuyvesant wanders around here and the art exhibit. Head up the stairs to the left of the bar, onto the walkway that overlooks the private bar. This is the easiest place to get the Stuyvesant alone, but you’ll have to remove the witnesses beforehand.

First, take out both guards that patrol this walkway. Be careful choosing your moment as witnesses from the private bar can sometimes see onto the balcony. Make sure none of them are wandering around when you subdue each guard. There’s a wardrobe in a small alcove around the corner where you can hide the bodies in. Make sure to pick up their weapons to, as you’ll need at least one in a moment. Another guest also comes up here occasionally to, and you might want to knock him out to remove the chance of him noticing anything. There is a window that looks into the guard station so be careful when subduing and moving bodies that nobody inside gets a glimpse of what you’re up to.

Finally, with all the witnesses out of the picture, plant a gun near the corner and hide nearby. Wait for Marcus and his guard to climb the stairs and once they are in few, make a noise that will alert the guard to the gun you’ve planted. Marcus will continue his route into the guard station at the opposite end of the balcony and spend a few minutes inside. Knock out the guard the moment you get the chance, move his body to the alcove to keep it out of sight.

Now there is a small window of opportunity. Once Marcus leaves the guard station, he will walk towards the doors at the far side of the walkway. As soon as he is out of sight of the guard station window, you have to eliminate him before he opens those doors. A headshot or the garrotte is probably the easiest, but it works out whatever you’re most comfortable with.


You can hide the body if you want, but if you’ve removed both guards and the wandering guest, no one else should come up here unless you raised the alarm. Escaping the map after eliminating these targets is pretty easy if Stuyvesant was your final target, since the nearest exit is the lobby you started the level from. Head back down the stairs to the Black Gold Bar and retrace your steps back down the grand staircase to the lift at the bottom. With these steps you should unlock the Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge during the debrief. With a bit of practice, you can get this run down to around fifteen minutes.

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