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The number of ways in which you can kill your targets in Hitman 3 is seemingly limitless. You can use everything from your trusty fiber wire to huge pieces of industrial wine-making machinery, but some of the most satisfying assassinations are the ones where someone else unwittingly does your dirty work for you.

There are a number of opportunities like this throughout the World of Assassination trilogy, but nowhere are they more prevalent than Argentina. 'The Farewell' is the game's penultimate mission, and features three methods to have other people kill your targets. In one of the mission's most enjoyable assassination challenges, you have to utilise two such methods to complete your mission without ever laying a finger on a target. Here's how to complete 'Murder by Proxy' in Hitman 3.

What Is 'Murder By Proxy' In Hitman 3?

'Murder by Proxy' is an assassination challenge that just requires you to kill a target in a specific way. In 'Murder by Proxy''s case, you have to get other people to kill both Tamara Vidal and Don Archibald Yates.

Essentially, it's a combination of two assassination challenges, so you'll need to have a plan for both targets if you want to complete the challenge. Fortunately, the game gives you a blueprint: you'll need to aim for the 'Eyes on Target' mission story, and the 'Domestic Disturbance' assassination challenge, so we'll walk you through both.

How To Complete the 'Eyes on Target' Mission Story

If you have the location unlocked, you can actually start at the sniper's nest, which makes things easier. If you don't however, it's not a big deal; simply make your way into the fields and towards the nest, which you can do just by sneaking past the guard when he's facing the other way, as pictured.

Once you're through, stick to the bushes. You can throw a coin to lure a guard in and knock him out, then take his outfit to save you having to sneak around. Make a beeline for the truck in front of the sniper nest, and in the weapons crate behind it, you'll see an earpiece. Pick it up and 47 will put it on, giving him command of the sniper.

From here, things are fairly simple. Go back to the main area and use your camera to scan of Vidal, identifying her for the sniper. After that, it's just a case of getting her somewhere the sniper has a line of sight on. You can talk to Diana, who infers what's going on and will lure Vidal into the open. However, you'll have to take out the bodyguards so there are no witnesses.

Be careful around the bodyguards, as they can see through your disguise. Fortunately, taking them out is relatively easy. You can lure them into the bushes to pacify them discreetly, and the final guard hangs over a railing where he can easily be pushed, or subdued and dragged to some more bushes.

Once Vidal and Diana are alone and exposed, there's a button prompt for you to give the kill order. Wait until she's right by the railing, so that when she's shot she'll fall over the edge and the body will be hidden for you. Once she's where you want her to be, press the button to give the order. Upon doing so, the sniper will eliminate Vidal, and you'll have completed the 'Eyes on Target' mission story, along with half of 'Murder by Proxy'.

How To Complete The 'Domestic Disturbance' Assassination Challenge

Go up the stairs to the upper party area, and you'll see a service entrance you can quite easily sneak through. This is the best way to gain undetected access to the mansion, which is where the bulk of the work for 'Domestic Disturbance' needs to be done.

Inside, you'll see a lone waiter. Past him is one of the one-way-doors. If you've previously been through this, it will remain open, allowing you easier traversal through the level. If it's open, move past the waiter, taking him out if need be, and go through the door. Skip the next two paragraphs, as the guide will pick up through the door there.

If the door isn't open, go down the stairs on the left of the corridor. You'll emerge in the security area. If you took the disguise from one of the bodyguards earlier, you should be able to move through here somewhat easily. Make your way to the door on the north side of the area that requires a keycard. The door can be opened with a lockpick or keycard hacker, but if you have neither, the keycard can be obtained from a desk in the room behind you.

Once through the security door, travel down the corridor and up the spiralling stairs in the cavern. Two guards hang over the railing at the bottom who might see you; feel free to take them out and steal a mercernary disguise from one of them.

At the top of the stairs, you'll emerge into the same room the one-way-door led to. Head to the back of the room, using the plentiful cover to avoid any guards who'd see throough your disguise, and you'll find a safe. For the sake of doing the challenge the quickest way possible, the code will be in the next paragraph, but it's all good if you want to skip over that and do things the "proper" way. The code can be found on a calendar in Yate's bedroom, and we'll be describing how get there later in this guide anyway, so go do that and return to the safe once you know the code.

The safe code is 2006, so enter that and pick up the documents inside. These detail the role Yates played in his wife losing her job, something she is unaware of. It seems like the sort of thing she ought to know, so let's take the documents to her. What could possibly go wrong?

Now it's time to enter Yate's mansion, which in your mercernary disguise is as easy as just walking in – just remember to look out for guards who can see through your outfit. Find Yates' wife, Valentina, and you'll be prompted to talk to her. Don't worry if she's with her husband; it'll still work. Talk to her, and she'll ask for the documents. Once you hand them over, she'll go to the house's balcony, so head there if you want the best view.

After pausing in the bedroom to read the documents, Valentina goes out to the balcony, where Don comes up to meet her. The two argue, and she ultimately pushes him to his death, earning you the Domestic Disturbance assassination challenge, along with Murder by Proxy.

All that's left to do is leave, and if you want to do so in style, you can grab the keys to Don's sports car from his bedside table. Leaving in the car will earn you another achievement – the 'Grand Theft Auto' feat – and once you've left, you're all finished – 'Murder by Proxy' should be yours!

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