Hitman To Get New Roguelite Mode On January 26

On January 26, Hitman 3 becomes the World of Assassination, combining both Hitman 1 and 2 into its Access Pass and giving all Hitman 3 owners a free upgrade. Besides this vastly simpler monetization model, The World of Assassination is also about to get a brand new and highly anticipated game mode that sees Agent 47 travel the world to eliminate crime syndicates one by one.

Hitman Freelancer was announced back in October as a new roguelite mode that has Agent 47 pick his targets from a worldwide crime syndicate. Each segment of the syndicate is its own autonomous cell, making it impossible to take it all down at once. Instead, Agent 47 has to work his way up, gathering intel and taking down smaller targets before going after the big cheese.

Each Freelancer run starts in Agent 47's swanky new safe house. It starts off pretty bare, but after a few successful contracts, he'll be able to afford some furniture. In between missions, Agent 47 will also be able to store any equipment he picks up on the job and bring it with him on new contracts.

The goal of each run, as described in a trailer released in November, is to eliminate four syndicate leaders. Each leader requires an escalating number of contracts to be completed first in order to gather enough intel to track them down. Fail at any of these contracts and you'll have to start over from the beginning, but fail during the final Showdown against the syndicate target and you'll have to start the whole run over. You'll also lose all your equipment that you brought with you and half your Mercers, the special currency used to purchase gear in Freelancer mode.

Successfully completed contracts and murdered crime lords provide XP that adds to your overall mastery, unlocking new features for your safe house. You'll be able to spruce up the place with furniture and even add new features like a shooting range.

Hitman Freelancer and the World of Assassination arrive on January 26 on all platforms.

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