Horizon Forbidden West Might Be A Behemoth Download Size On PS5, PS4

You thought Final Fantasy 7 Remake was big? That game has nothing on Horizon Forbidden West, which according to one source, will clock in at over 95 GB.

PlayStation Game Size, a Twitter account that has dedicated itself to determining the file size of upcoming PlayStation games, has just announced its findings for Horizon Forbidden West. You'll need a whopping 96 GB of storage on PS5 to install the game, with a pre-load happening on February 11 (with thanks to Push Square).

As a reminder, Final Fantasy 7 Remake clocked in at 81 GB on PS5 and 85 GB on PS4. For some reason, PS4 game files are somewhat larger than the PS5 versions despite the PS5 version requiring far larger textures thanks to its enhanced resolution. We can only assume this has to do with the PS5 having better file compression algorithms than the PS4. Given that, one can only assume the Forbidden West PS4 install size will top 100 GB.

While that sounds like a lot, Call of Duty players have devoted entire hard drives to Warzone, Modern Warfare, and Black Ops: Cold War. Red Dead Online and GTA players are likewise shrugging at the 100 GB file size.

We only just recently got our first look at Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 thanks to a set of new screenshots. The pictures looked almost as stunning as the PS5 versions we've seen earlier, although they are just screenshots. The PS5 version of the game promises 60fps on performance mode, and while few details have been disclosed about the PS4 version, one can likely assume a more stately 30fps on Sony's older hardware.

A new trailer also gave us another look at a few new enemies that'll be in Forbidden West, including giant robotic sand snakes and cyber armadillos that can roll around.

Horizon Forbidden West launches on February 18.

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