How Battlefield 5 Recorded 2 Rare WWII Planes

Battlefield 5see dealBattlefield V – PlayStation 4$19.99on Amazon audio director Andreas Almström shows how his team found two of the last surviving original WWII-era planes on Earth – the Corsair (USA) and the Zero (Japan) – and recorded their audio so that Battlefield 5 would sound as authentic as possible.Take a look at the video above, and to see these planes (and many more) in action in Battlefield 5, check out our review of the multiplayer portion of BF5 below.LoadingTo read our thoughts of the overall Battlefield 5 package, you can read our overall review that also factors the single-player campaign into the equation. You can also take a look at that time we got a kill with the tiniest gun in Battlefield 1 – one that makes Men in Black's Cricket Gun look like a Gatling Gun.

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