How Many Days Are In The Last Of Us Part 2?

Naughty Dog tried to give fans a totally different story-telling experience by telling The Last Of Us Part 2 story from two different perspectives. It isn’t only that you get to play as two different protagonists but also that they are enemies and have more in common than they’d like to admit. Most of the time, Ellie’s actions answer Abby’s and vice versa, creating the revenge cycle that the plot is all about.

To do this, the game takes you on a 3-day journey throughout Seattle, a city filled with paramilitaries, cultists, and, of course, dangerous zombies. For the first part of the game, you’ll play those three days as Ellie in her search for Abby. For the second half, you’ll play through the same three days but this time as Abby, and you’ll get to experience Ellie’s actions from the other side.

Of course, some things happen outside of those three days, like Joel’s death or Ellie’s and Dina’s family life at the farm. Still, the vast majority of the game happens during those three days. Don’t forget that during these chapters, you’ll get to explore The Last Of Us Part 2, finding tons of collectibles, like training manuals (that actually enhances Ellie’s or Abby’s abilities), trading cards, locked doors, and safes.

Day 1

Ellie’s POV

Day one for Ellie is divided into the following chapters:

  • The Gate
  • Downtown
  • Eastbrook Elementary
  • Capitol Hill
  • Channel 13
  • The Tunnels
  • The Theatre
  • The Birthday Gift

On this day, Ellie arrives in Seattle with Dina, looking for the people who killed Joel. They reach a massive metal gate they have to open to enter the city. The two of them start finding the bodies Tommy leaves behind and have their first encounter with the wolves, who capture Ellie. After Dina rescues her, they try to get away and end up going to the TV station to find Leah. But once they reach her, the girl is already dead.

The girls have to run away from the wolves and end up in an abandoned subway station, where Dina gets injured and learns about Ellie’s immunity. They decided to take shelter in the theater where Dina tells Ellie about her pregnancy.

Abby’s POV

Day one for Abby is divided into the following chapters:

  • The Stadium
  • On Foot
  • The Forward Base
  • The Aquarium
  • Hostile Territory
  • Winter Visit
  • The Forest
  • The Coast
  • Return to the Coast

During this day, Abby has to do a mission with Manny and Mel. On their way, they get attacked by Scars. Their truck crashes in the process, so they’ll have to find another way to reach their destination. They eventually run into some friendly faces and find their way back to the base.

There Abby and Manny talk to Isaac, who tells them his plan to attack the island where the Scars live and wants them to participate in the attack. However, Abby first wants to find Owen, who is nowhere to be seen.

Abby goes after him but gets captured by a group of Scars, but Lev and Yara save her, and the three of them flee the place. However, they separate. Abby ends up finding Owen and tells her he wants to leave for Santa Barbara to find a group of fireflies.

Day 2

Ellie’s POV

Day two for Ellie is divided into the following chapters:

  • Hillcrest
  • Finding Strings
  • The Seraphites
  • St. Mary’s Hospital

On day two, Dina fixes the radio, allowing Ellie to know where the wolves will be. With that info, she heads out looking for Tommy but instead ends up finding Jesse.

Ellie, Dina, and Jesse reunite at the theater and, after a much-needed rest, Ellie heads out looking for Nora in the hospital. She ends up finding her and brutally murdering her, marking the start of Ellie’s point of no return.

Abby’s POV

Day two for Abby is divided into the following chapters:

  • The Shortcut
  • The Descent
  • Ground Zero
  • Return to the Aquarium

On day two, Abby returns to Lev and Yara to safely get them out of the place she left them. She finds them and brings them to the aquarium to attend to Yara’s injuries. Abby then leaves the place with Lev to find medical supplies.

After getting arrested and fighting the Rat King, Abby manages to head out with the supplies and returns to the aquarium.

Day 3

Ellie’s POV

Day three for Ellie is divided into the following chapters:

  • Road to the Aquarium
  • The Flooded City
  • Infiltration

On day three, Jesse learns about Dina’s pregnancy, and shortly after, he and Ellie decided to head out to find Tommy. However, after a small discussion, they end up going their separate ways, with Ellie now going to the infamous aquarium.

There she doesn’t find Abby, but Mel and Owen, who she ends up killing. Tommy and Jesse reunite with Ellie in the aquarium, and the three of them head to the theater. The plan was to go home finally, but Abby finds them there, kills Jesse, and shoots Tommy.

Abby’s POV

Day three for Abby is divided into the following chapters:

  • The Marina
  • The Island
  • The Escape
  • The Confrontation

Day three for Abby starts at the aquarium. After talking to a few characters, Abby sees the Lev has run back to the Scars’ island. Abby and Yara go after him. However, they encounter Tommy, who kills Manny and attacks them on their way to get a boat.

They get the boat though, and head to the island to find the kid. There they get into some trouble, resulting in someone killing Yara. Eventually, Abby and Lev make it out of the island and return to the aquarium just to find Owen’s and Mel’s bodies.

Lev figures out where the person (Ellie) who killed them is, and they head to the theater. They sneak in, Abby kills Jesse, shoots Tommy, and fights Ellie. In the end, Abby lets Dina and Ellie live.

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