How To Complete The Witcher 3 Contract Patrol Gone Missing

The Witcher 3 is a game that rewards exploration and investigation. The contract quest Patrol Gone Missing seems simple enough at first, but if you decide to explore and investigate, you’ll be rewarded.

This quest tasks you with helping the Nilfgaardians find one of their missing patrol units, though you’ll find much more if you dig deeper. Here’s everything you need to know about Patrol Gone Missing, the contract quest from the Witcher 3.

How to Activate

You can activate this quest two different ways: pick up the notice off of the notice board in the Nilfgaardian camp in the far southeast corner of Velen, or speak with the quartermaster here and he’ll give you the quest directly.

Either way, you’ll need to speak with Quartermaster Eggebracht, so you might as well just save some time by picking the quest up from him to begin with.

He’ll point you in the direction of the nearby House of Respite, so that’s where you’ll be headed next.


Near the House of Respite, you’ll find a campsite and some footprints by using your Witcher Senses. Following the footprints will bring you to a point where Geralt comments on a terrible scent and some green gooey substance, implying that some sort of draconid is in the area. It seems a wyvern has killed the Nilfgaardian patrol. Keep using your Witcher Senses and you’ll eventually come upon the wyvern, which you’ll need to fight.

Wyvern Battle

Battling the wyvern isn’t all that hard by any stretch, but you may find yourself having some issues if you’re not properly prepared. Using draconid oil will help out a lot here, as will Aard.

When it’s low to the ground, either swiping at you or flying, you can knock it down with a blast of Aard. Run in and attack it while it’s grounded, and repeat the process once it takes to the sky again.

Wyverns are capable of inflicting poison effects, so be sure to use Golden Oriole and White Honey as you find it necessary —if you’ve brewed them at this point, at least. Grapeshot bombs also make for a great option against a wyvern.

After it’s defeated, make sure to grab a trophy for the quartermaster. From here, you can return for your reward, or you can investigate a bit further.

Investigate Further

Should you decide to keep investigating, you can gain a bit more information from this quest in the area. If you backtrack to the area right before the one where you fought the wyvern, you may be able to find some shallow graves.

It seems bodies were buried here, but necrophages dug them up, as necrophages tend to do. Keep examining these graves and you’ll find a new trail to follow, leading you to a cave with a ghoul nest. Geralt will realize these bodies are not Nilfgaardian, which is a bit suspicious.

Apparently, the Nilfgaardian soldiers were not just out on patrol. They had killed some prisoners of war from the Redanian army and tried to bury their bodies here, until some necrophages dug them up.

Note: While you’re in this cave, you can find a chest near the wall with the diagram for the enhanced Griffin silver sword.

Return to Eggebracht

If you return to the quartermaster and did not investigate further, you’ll just turn in the news and receive your reward: ten experience points and 50 Crowns.

However, if you did investigate further, Geralt can accuse the Nilfgaardian of war crimes. From here, you can accept your payment, in which case you’ll get ten experience points and 50 Crowns, just like if you didn’t investigate further. If you refuse payment, though, you’ll get no money but a nice 35 experience points.

Blood Ties

It’s worth noting that this quest can tie in to the other, secondary quest entitled Blood Ties. In that quest, you’ll be tasked with helping a mother to figure out what happened to her son.

Eggebracht gives you the information. If you have started Blood Ties and didn’t investigate further during Patrol Gone Missing, Eggebracht will just give you the information you seek.

However, if you did investigate further, he’ll be angry with you and your accusation of war crimes and won’t tell you what happened to the woman’s son. You’ll need to either bribe him or use Axii, so long as you have Delusion level 2. You’ll also need to bribe or delude him if you haven’t completed Patrol Gone Missing.

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