How To Easily Complete Which Witch Challenge in Destiny 2

Raids are, and always will be, among the most difficult content players can attempt in Destiny 2. These often multi hour long gauntlets will pit you and your team of guardians against the highest level enemies, the toughest bosses, and most mind-bending puzzles Bungie has to throw at you. If you want to make things even more difficult for yourself, you can add on the Which Witch challenge when going through the Last Wish. Needless to say, even the most dedicated raiders have had trouble accomplishing this extra challenge, but we have the tips you need to overcome this extra challenge.

How To Complete The Which Witch Challenge

First off, you will want to go and speak to Hawthorne and actually pick up the challenge. There’s no point running through the raid without it, after all. The challenge might look simple, but is actually much more difficult in practice. Your goal is to defeat Shuro Chi without being hit. Considering the move set Shuro Chi has, and how hard it is to just win the fight normally, get ready for a rough time.

The move Eviscerating Hex that Shuro Chi will throw at you is the most dangerous and requires you to constantly be moving if you hope to avoid the laser. Just keep on the move and do what you can here, but focus on dodging that attack first and foremost. You’ll be tempted to pick up the Prism Weapons, but hold off on that.

Once you’ve taken out a few waves of adds you will want to be ready for when Shuro Chi’s “Tempo Quickens.” This is your moment to make a mad dash and grab the Prism Weapons.

While you’re keeping an eye out for the big laser attack, keep your ears open for Shuro Chi’s scream. This is a tell for her winding up an attack. Use the warning to create space and get into cover if possible. Keep pushing forward toward her when it’s safe, but don’t do anything risky.

Have one person on your team already picked out to be in charge of collecting the Eye of Riven when the rest of you collect the Prism Weapons. Once they, and two others, stand in the correct spot to take down Shuro’s shield with it, everyone else needs to lay in on the damage as much as possible.

You and your group will need to repeat this process a few times before you’re able to take down Shuro for good, so the main thing you need to do is remain focused. Getting too greedy or impatient is the easiest way to take a hit you could’ve easily avoided. Also, keep your communication up. If you see Shuro targeting someone, let them know so they can dodge.

With a lot of patience and teamwork, plus a little luck, you’ll earn your reward of some Powerful Gear from Hawthorne.

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