How To Easily Grind For Scrap In Remnant: From The Ashes

There are a decent chunk of people coming back to check out Remnant: From the Ashes now that its prequel game, Chronos: Before the Ashes is no longer exclusive to Oculus. Well, that & the fact that Remnant was free on the Epic Games Store back in August.

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Remnant is a blast to play, actually uses a lot of procedural generation (like many other games these days), and has a ton of replayability! And it is moderately different from the Dark Souls formula. For example, instead of gathering Souls, players in Remnant use Scrap as currency. But what exactly is Scrap? What’s it used for? And what is the most efficient way to grind it? Let’s find out.

What Is Scrap?

Simply put, Scrap is the currency in Remnant. Players gather it from a variety of sources such as:

  • Breakables in the environments (crates, pots, tables, benches, etc)
  • It drops from dead enemies
  • It can be gained from selling items to merchants
  • Defeating Bosses
  • Picking up Items the player already has

What Is It Used For?

So, what exactly can players use their Scrap on? Well, most everything in the game actually, since there are a wide variety of merchants that want their Scrap. For example, they can spend it on:

  • Consumables of all types.
  • Upgrading Armor & Weapons.
  • Crafting new Weapon Mods.
  • Buying new Weapons, Armor, or Trinkets.
  • Purchasing entire Loadouts in the “Survival Mode” (which is a Rouge-lite mode similar to maybe something like Hades).
  • Unlocking new Traits (in specific situations).
  • Trading items with other players (Sell an item to Ace and another player can buy it from her).
  • Some Trinkets even scale off of Scrap!

How Can Players Increase The Amount Gained?

It’s clear now what Scrap is and what it’s used for, but how can players increase the amount of Scrap they pick up in Remnant? Well, there are actually numerous different ways:

Wear The Adventurer’s Set

Players who own the base game start with both the Chest and Legs of the Adventurer’s Set by default, while players who have the Swamps of Corsus DLC have access to the Goggles based on their performance in Survival Mode or if they have enough Glowing Crystals. In any case, this armor helps out with grinding Scrap since it has the innate effect of:

Increases chance to get materials from destroying breakables. Increases the amount of Scrap picked up by 20%.

The amount of Scrap picked up will always be an additional 20% no matter how many pieces of the set are worn. But, the chance to get materials from destroyed breakables only stacks with each armor piece (going from 10%, to 20%, and ending at 35%).

Unlock & Max Out The Scavenger Trait

The Scavenger Trait is amazing for Scrap farming since at rank 20 it increases the amount of Scrap gained by a whopping 35%. And, there are actually two different ways to it:

  • The Faster Method: Finding the Tarnished Ring somewhere on Earth & giving it to Reggie in Ward 13
  • The Reliable Method: Picking up a total of 10,000 Scrap over the course of a playthrough.

Obviously, the Tarnished Ring route is the better option, but the ring might not spawn, or might not be easy to find. And, 10,000 Scrap is honestly too much, so players can easily get this early by farming certain areas of breakables in both Earth and Rhom.

Find & Equip The Scavenger’s Bauble

The is the last method of increasing Scrap players will likely find, since it’s a reward for a Random Event in Yaesha, the realm only accessible after Rhom, specifically the Red Doe Bell Puzzle. For a guide on how to beat this & all the other Yaesha Bell Puzzles, just check here.

Anyway, this Trinket increases the amount of Scrap picked up the most by far, with a gigantic 50% increase, so it’s absolutely worth rerolling Yaesha on Adventure Mode until it’s found.

What Are Some Other Useful Tips To Know?

So, that’s how Scrap works! It’s pretty simple, but there are a lot of little details to know that really help players out with the grind. And, stacking the Scavenger Trait, the Bauble, and the Adventurer’s Set makes grinding Scrap a breeze! But, for those players still looking for a few more simple tricks:

  • Certain Realms have way more breakables than others, meaning more potential to find Scrap. If they were to be put in order from most to least amount of breakables, it would look something like this:
    • Reisum (needs Subject 2923 DLC)
      • Rhom
        • Earth
          • Corsus
            • Yaesha

            And that’s it! So get out there, get grinding on that Scrap, and enjoy Remnant: From the Ashes for the amazing game it is!

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