How To Perform COD: Warzone’s Tricky Infinite Stim Bug

Call of Duty: Warzone has had a fair few bugs which have changed the nature of the game, and the infinite stimulant bug is just one of many. This bug is unique as it’s reproducible over and over again, and can give you a ridiculous edge over your opponents, especially if you want to lurk within the closing ring for the whole game and sneak up on others under the cover of the encroaching gas.

This bug is controversial, needless to say. It is considered to be dishonourable, at the very least – but hey, Call of Duty is literally a game franchise where war crimes happen in almost every instalment, so is there honour among war criminals? We asked Tony Blair*, and he said no. Just scroll down and read below to find out exactly how players are executing this bug, and what to expect from them.

*We absolutely did not ask Tony Blair.

What You Need To Perform The Infinite Stim Bug In COD: Warzone

The infinite stim bug is fairly easy to execute, as long as you actually have a stimulant equipped. It’s not too difficult to actually get a stimulant, luckily. You can find a stimulant in the overworld while running around and looting cargo, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to find all of the pieces required to make this bug work, so your best bet is to create a loadout that will work. Here’s what you need.

  • Two weapons equipped
  • A frag grenade
  • A stimulant

How To Perform The Infinite Stimulant Bug In COD: Warzone

Once you have all of those pieces, it’s time to put the bug into action. Again, making a loadout with those items equipped is the most direct way of getting everything you need in your Warzone game.

  • Stare at a wall and equip your frag grenade.
  • Throw the grenade at the wall, and then immediately pick it up before it detonates.
  • Hold the button so you do not throw the grenade, and then go to your drop menu and drop both of your weapons while still holding the grenade button.
  • This should remove your weapons from your inventory and make the held grenade disappear entirely, and will not be in your inventory.
  • Now your equipped stimulant should be usable, and will never stop being usable.

It’s as simple as that. Using this you can just heal your character up repeatedly, and it would take a concentrated barrage of fire to take down anyone performing the stim bug. Though you should remember that a stimulant bug certainly doesn’t make up for lacking shooter skills. Good luck in the warzone.

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