How To Perform Dan Hibiki’s Infinite Loop Combo In Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5 recently enjoyed its new Winter Update, which brought with it a whole host of new gameplay features to finally cement the definitive version of Street Fighter 5. New aerial hitboxes meant that the whole cast got brand new juggle combos to play with, and a whole host of new character tweaks see fighters like Ryu becoming as viable competitively as he is easy to pick up.

If you’ve been playing Street Fighter 5 since launch then the game has practically entirely transformed since you began, and there is a lot for you to dive into and enjoy in this latest update, including Dan Hibiki, the gag-shoto fighter. Dan Hibiki may have been introduced as a gag, but he’s a powerful warrior in Street Fighter 5, and his infinite loop combo proves that.

In this guide we’re going to break down exactly how you can perform Dan’s infinite combo in Street Fighter 5. This combo will likely get patched out soon by increasing the amount of pushback Dan gets while beating on foes in the corner, but it’s fun to try out right now, and if you attempt it you’ll learn some valuable lessons about how Dan’s V-Skill 2 works, which will definitely help your overall mastery of the character. Yes, you can potentially pull this off in an online match, but that’s easier said than done. For all of that and more, just read below.

The Inputs For Dan Hibiki’s Infinite Loop Combo In Street Fighter 5

Okay, here are the moves you need to know in order to perform this combo, in order:

  • Crouching heavy punch
  • Quarter circle forward light punch
  • Crouching heavy punch
  • Quarter circle forward light punch
  • Standing heavy punch
  • V-Skill 2 (MP+MK)
  • Crouching heavy punch
  • Quarter circle forward light punch

Now that sounds simple enough, but we’re going to have to break down each segment of the combo in order to understand it fully. Any Street Fighter player worth their salt knows that a quarter circle forward (QCF) light punch is a basic fireball move, and crouching HP will combo into it. Easy. When the opponent is in the corner, you can even link C.HP into fireball twice in a row – that’s great. Things get complicated when Dan’s V-Skill 2 gets involved.

How To Use Dan’s V-Skill 2 In Street Fighter 5

Dan’s V-Skill 2 is very unique in the game. It’s a taunt with a hitbox, which doesn’t sound particularly useful unless you’re trying to show off. Only this taunt can cancel moves, and be cancelled into new moves, which is where things get interesting.

So, in this combo Dan finishes the fireball and goes straight into S.HP for a long punch with a nice range, and you quickly cancel this into the V-Skill 2 taunt. It’s easier to perform a crouched taunt, since you’ll be following up with C.HP. If you have the timing right, you can then input C.HP immediately after, giving you a hit with S.HP, a very brief taunt animation, and then a hit with C.HP, all without breaking your combo.

The timing on taunt cancels is pretty strict, so you might want to try looping S.HP, V-Skill 2, and C.HP together repeatedly in training mode. Once you have that, the rest of the combo is much easier to perform.

How To Set Up Dan’s Infinite Combo In Street Fighter 5

The set up is the hardest part of this combo – there’s a reason they call the game Setup Fighter 5. An easy set up is using Dan’s heavy hurricane kick at full-screen – this won’t make contact, but you should land at the right spacing to begin the combo. Though this certainly only helps in training mode, and not for proper matches.

Instead you should attempt to begin this combo from a stun. If you can throw your opponent into a stun in the corner, dash in, jump, land with a HP attack on your opponent, and then hit EX fireball. This should put you at the perfect distance to begin the loop, and then you can start mashing it out like you’re in training mode. This is a much more realistic way to get this combo started in “real” matches.

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