How To Use Stealth And Sound To Your Advantage In Warzone

Every moment in Warzone is critical. Whether seen or not, there are enemies at every turn and, even when the opponents aren’t there, the closing boundary of the gas is pressure enough to keep players constantly moving. The quest for better and better loot raises this growing tension two-fold. Yet, while maintaining proximity to the safe zone is important, stealth and silence are the real keys to victory in this Call of Duty battle royale.

Proven time and again by various Warzone players, from the Redditor with stealth kills in the guise of James Bond to a parachuter’s knife takedown, there’s no better way to survive than to strike unseen. But, how exactly does one utilize both sound and stealth to their advantage when there’s so much going on all around them?

Sound IS The Advantage

The player’s ears need to remain just as alert as their eyes – if not moreso. Maintaining an avid focus on where certain sounds originate from can assist in predicting where players may head to next. Cutting opposing teams off, whether it be from entering the safe zone or acquiring a loadout drop, is essential. Despite its taboo nature, due to community disdain for campers, spying on a loadout drop, instead of taking it immediately, just might pay off. It could very well mean the difference between death and victory.

Yes, the many weapons scattered all across the map are undeniably crucial for the win, but sound too can be used to eviscerate your opponents. For instance, you can easily lure an opposing squad to imminent death by breaking a nearby window and relocating upon their inspection. The same method can be used when bottlenecked by multiple teams, especially if you are the last remaining squad member, wielding only a standard pistol and a desperate need to survive. Creating a major firefight between two or three different teams will help you walk away relatively unharmed, but you better hope to find a silencer fast.

A Stealth Master’s Best Mates

Both the silencer attachment and the sniper itself are must-haves for any stealth operative. Given that sound in Warzone is made all the more tactical, despite the criticisms of nonexistent player footsteps, keeping silent and distant are of utmost importance. There’s still debate over which is the better sniper, the AX-50 or the HDR, but either one will do. It’s paired best with a silenced SMG, such as the MP5 or AUG, along with decoy grenades and a claymore, which can be used in any number of killer methods.

When modifying weapons, pay close attention to mobility. Stealth requires an amalgam of swift and quiet movements. While a silencer is definitely necessary for a stealth loadout, don’t sacrifice quick ADS for the attachment. Pick a different type of silencer, or just rely on throwing knives. Some of the perks can be of assistance when using sound against opponents, like Cold Blooded, Ghost, High Alert, and Tracker. Though Perk 2 might be reserved for Overkill, using any number of the weapons found across the map in place of the secondary is far better than allowing opponents the upper hand.

Stay Prone, Stay Alive

If you and your squad are in a heated three-team firefight, especially during the endgame, it’s best to stay as low to the ground as possible. Whether it be from a cluster strike or a sniper’s headshot, the game can be lost just from poking one’s head out of cover. Remain silent, keep low, and try your very best not to move, unless absolutely necessary. Allow the enemies to come to you, instead of vice versa, then victory will most assuredly be yours.

Though Warzone may be a daytime-only mode, with the sun held high at a perpetual 3 PM, that doesn’t mean players are without the utilization of shadows and creative cover. Try to blend into the environment, don’t have your operator wearing bright garments. Making that mad dash across the map to escape the gas doesn’t always translate well for stealthy players. Hence, patience and strategy are imperative for survival. Especially when out on contracts, players can alleviate the tension of snipers by hugging the walls of structures, staying crouched and well-hidden within the environment.

Though it hasn’t been confirmed, there were supposedly some stealth changes made to the game since its release. Even so, using both stealth and sound against opponents remains the best method for securing the crown.

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