Icarus: Strange Harvest Bio-Research Mission Walkthrough

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  • Unlocking Strange Harvest Bio-Research
  • Locating Unusual Biomatter
  • Are The Strange Blooms Dangerous?
  • Preparing For Strange Harvest Bio-Research
  • Running From Danger
  • Rewards For Completion

At the end of every prospect in Icarus, you will be rewarded with credits. These credits can then be used to unlock exotic blueprints within your orbital. These credits may sometimes take a while to save up, but with the Strange Harvest Bio-Research prospect, you will have tons of credits in no time.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at how to complete the Strange Harvest Bio-Research prospect. This will include the tasks that you will need to complete, as well as how many credits you will receive for doing so. First, let's take a look at how to unlock this prospect.

Unlocking Strange Harvest Bio-Research

The Strange Harvest Bio-Research prospect will unlock after completing Livewire Terrain Scan. Once you complete this scanning prospect, you will unlock six new prospects that can be done in any order, with the Strange Harvest being one of them.

Locating Unusual Biomatter

For this prospect, you will need to locate three giant flowers, also called Strange Blooms, and take a sample. In the image above, you can check out the location for all three flowers on the map. Additionally, you can check out the locations on the table below.

Strange Bloom 1Center of J-14
Strange Bloom 2Upper left hand corner of L-14
Strange Bloom3Middle/left side of L-12

You will only be able to see the location of the first flower on the map at first, in the center of square J-14. Because of this, you will need to travel to the flowers in the order listed above.

Are The Strange Blooms Dangerous?

Strange Blooms are slightly poisonous in an AoE around them, but this can be avoided by quickly approaching to take the sample and then stepping back. Overall, if you move quickly, Strange Blooms will not kill you.

Preparing For Strange Harvest Bio-Research

This prospect does not involve any dangerous creatures, but it's still important to prepare with weapons and tools. Below, you can find a list of important items to gather and craft before you set out for the first location.

  • Bow and Arrow
  • Bone Knife
  • Pickaxe
  • Bedroll
  • Food
  • Waterskin
  • Source of Oxygen
    • Oxygen Bladder
    • Raw Oxite
    • Oxidizer
  • Materials to make a temporary shelter
    • Thatch is easily breakable, so try to build your structures out of wood
    • Once you have gathered these materials, you can set out to the location of the first Strange Bloom.

      Running From Danger

      As mentioned above, this prospect does not require you to engage in combat. Strange Harvest Bio-Research can be completed in less than 20 minutes if you move quickly. If you are aiming to move fast, it's best to avoid any dangerous creatures.

      As you approach packs of wolves or a bear, you can remain unseen and sneak away. If the creature does take notice of you, use your bow and arrow to quickly take them out.

      With precise aim, you can kill a creature instantly with a headshot and proceed onwards to a Strange Bloom location.

      Rewards For Completion

      Once you have taken samples from all three Strange Blooms, head back to your dropship and leave.

      As a reward, you will receive 50 credits. This may not sound like much, but you will be able to complete this as often as you want. Eventually, you will be able to move quickly between all three locations, allowing you to complete this prospect several times and gain credits.

      Overall, this is one of the best prospects to complete if you are looking to farm credits. The tasks you will need to do are straightforward and can be completed in no time.

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