Indigo Prophecy Remaster Gets Physical Release For PS4

Next-gen consoles and upgraded hardware are dominating the conversation in gaming, but that doesn’t mean that current generation tech is done just yet. For example, the remastered version of Indigo Prophecy—or Fahrenheit if you played it in Europe—is getting a physical release for PS4.

Indigo Prophecy was revolutionary for its time. It wouldn’t be a stretch to call it the Death Stranding of 2005, delivering unique mechanics and a captivating narrative. The game had a physical release from a third-party back in April when the company Limited Run partnered with the Quantic Dream for a limited release of Indio Prophecy. That sale only ran for four weeks before it ended.

This release is different from the Limited Run release. The 15th-anniversary edition of Indigo Prophecy is going to cost around $30.00 and will hit the shelves sometime in November. It will also come with a special case and sleeve, stickers, an art book, and a special letter from the development team.

If you haven’t played the game before, Indigo Prophecy is a story-driven drama that follows a string of murders in New York City. A supernatural entity is possessing normal people and forcing them to commit the murders. You play as Lucas Kane, hunted by the police after waking up at the scene of one of these murders with no memory of what happened. Part of what made the game unique for its time was that events occurred in real-time, rather than being triggered by player action. So, the story would move forward regardless of the amount of time you took to solve puzzles.

Games that are highly conceptual and ahead of their time, like Indio Prophecy, deserve to be played on a console that can handle what the developers initially envisioned. If you haven’t played it, or if it’s been years since you’ve picked it up, now is a great time to experience Indigo Prophecy. Between next-gen tech and a great physical release deal, it’s a hard offer to pass up.

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