Insider Claims The Winter Soldier Is The Next Character Coming To Marvel’s Avengers

Despite a fear that the Marvel's Avengers roster would stop getting new heroes after Spider-Man, the characters keep on coming. Still no word on which Avengers will be next though, and despite the belief that She-Hulk's arrival is imminent, a fresh leak claims Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier will be the next hero added to the game.

That's according to Miller on Twitter who has a good track record when it comes to finding out key information ahead of time. “Bucky Barnes is the next playable character coming to Marvel's Avengers,” Miller tweeted on Tuesday. No inclination as to where that information has come from, nor when The Winter Soldier will land in-game, but apparently Barnes will beat She-Hulk to the punch.

While there have been rumblings that The Winter Soldier might join the battle at some point, signs pointing to She-Hulk being the star of some upcoming DLC have been front and center since the end of 2021. It began with Krizia Bajos seemingly revealing she will voice the character in the game. Avengers players were reminded of that when She-Hulk's imminent arrival appeared to be accidentally confirmed during an Xbox Twitch stream last week.

The only hero to have been added to Avengers so far in 2022 is Jane Foster's Mighty Thor. Her addition lining up with Love And Thunder means She-Hulk will likely arrive at around the same time as the show of the same name debuts on Disney+. As for Bucky, he can arrive whenever he likes. It's still a while until the She-Hulk series begins, so it certainly makes sense that The Winer Soldier could fill the gap between now and then.

While new heroes is a good thing for the future of Avengers and those who still play it, the characters arriving and rumored to be arriving aren't all that promising. The Winter Soldier and She-Hulk will likely be little more then reskinned versions of Captain America and Hulk. If so, that means the last unique character with story DLC to be added to all platforms will have been Black Panther almost a year ago.

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