Is Destiny 2’s Secret Season 17 Building Hype, Or Killing It?

Season 17 of Destiny 2 starts this coming Tuesday, and Bungie hasn’t shared a single detail about it. We know some things that were previously announced, including a new dungeon and either Solar or Arc 3.0, but in terms of the story, the activities, and the gear, we’re completely in the dark. I expected some details in the May 12 TWAB, and when that didn’t happen I thought wow, they’re really waiting until the last minute with this one. Then reset came and went on Tuesday and we saw nothing. Then the May 19 TWAB came, and Bungie finally acknowledged the elephant in the room by saying… nothing. Here’s what community manager A_dmg04 wrote in the weekly update.

“There will be a day where many of your questions will be answered, but today is not that day. It’s a scary, but fun, balancing act in the grand scheme of things. I’ve said it before, but player discovery is one of the most potent things in gaming. Do we spill the details in TWABs and tweets, or do we hold things a bit closer to the chest with each Season to let players dig in on day-one and find out some cool things in the game itself?”

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