Is this better than Nintendo’s own dock?

The Nintendo Switch has been a runaway success for Nintendo, in no small part thanks to its impressive ability to play console-quality games on the go.

One of the few issues many have had with the console is the dock used to connect it to the TV. While it's fairly lightweight, it is essentially just a simple piece of plastic with an HDMI port and USB-C charging. It's also pretty bulky, meaning when combined with the required cables and charger it can be a bit cumbersome to throw in a bag for a long trip.

Thankfully, Human Things have taken some creative liberties with the Switch's dock, and are offering the Genki Covert Dock as a Kickstarter project .

The product condenses everything from the full-sized dock into a simple charger, offering not only USB-C charging and HDMI connectivity, but a USB 3.1 Accessory port for charging of controllers and other peripherals. In fact, it's 90% smaller than the original Switch dock.

Thanks to increased USB-C adoption, it'll also charge multiple other devices – from phones, to MacBooks, and more. And the HDMI port works for other devices too, so you can use the covert dock for presentations or photo slideshows.

If you're anything like us and you just want to play Smash Bros. on a big TV with your friends without having to fiddle with a plug, HDMI cable or dock, then the Genki Covert Dock looks perfect.

There are just a few hours left to contribute to the Kickstarter , so hop on and pledge now!

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