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Warframe is a free-to-play action RPG third-person shooter, where you play as the Tenno, a race of warriors that have found themselves in the middle of a war between the three factions of the galactic system. The Tenno use Warframes to fight; biomechanical machines of war that have various different abilities and powers.

There are hundreds of Warframes and weapons to build, missions to complete, and enemies to kill. If you're interested in Warframe, but unsure if you should give it a shot, we've got you covered. Below, we'll take a look at some key points about the game, and if it's worth it to get started.


Warframe is a session-based, action RPG shooter. Missions take place on one of the galaxy's several planets, with each planet featuring several different locations and mission types, such as survival, excavation, and capture. In each mission, you are presented with a set of objectives to complete before finishing the mission and heading back to your ship. Everything besides the main story missions can be played in groups of up to four players.

Currently, there are over 50 Warframes to build and fight with, each with its own set of powers and abilities. Additionally, most of the Warframes have "Prime" versions; these are powered-up versions with increased capabilities. Warframes must be built in your ship's foundry using resources and blueprints sourced from various bosses, missions, and quests.

The game is incredibly fast-paced, with each Warframe feeling unique and powerful in its own way. For example, Excalibur, one of the first Warframes you get, has various melee-based abilities, and is able to summon a sword of energy to slash through enemies with. On the other hand, Ember can control fire to immolate foes, Saryn unleashes a deadly plague that spreads on its own, Mesa can rapidly shoot down enemies with her dual Regulator pistols, and so on.

Despite the large number of Warframes, none of them feel too similar to play, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, encouraging players to try out as many as they want to.

In addition, there are a plethora of movement options to maneuver around the map, swiftly eliminating enemies as you proceed through objectives. Our esteemed writer, Sean Murray, describes the satisfying, fast-paced action through its multitude of movement options: jumping, sprinting, aim-gliding, and more.

You can bullet-jump: a leap so fast and explosive that it has the word “bullet” in it. And you can chain all of these things together to go anywhere you want at any time.

These movement abilities make controlling your Warframe extremely satisfying, and missions never feel like they are dragging on.

Time Expenditure

Warframe is a nearly endless game, with thousands of hours of content. There are main quests to proceed through, unlocking the game's main locations, but the majority of the time spent in the game will be farming resources and items in its various different missions.

HowLongToBeat presents a range of completion times, with some players taking around 600 hours to beat the main story, while others spend upwards of 5,000 hours in the game. Due to its endless nature, the amount of time you spend in Warframe is entirely up to you.

Keep in mind that Warframe is the type of game you can play for a long time and still not run out of things to do, meaning how long you spend in the game is entirely up to you.


Warframe is entirely free-to-play. You can download and play the entire game for free, right now. There are microtransactions present in the game, purchased through the premium currency, Platinum, which can be purchased for real money, or earned by trading items with other players.

Through the robust, player-driven Warframe Market, you can buy, sell, and trade almost any item in the game to another player for Platinum. This means you can farm up items, sell them to another player, then use that earned Platinum to buy cosmetics or utility items from the in-game microtransaction market.

Alternatively, if you don't want to wait for various timers to gather resources yourself, you can buy most things from the in-game market using Platinum. How much money you spend in Warframe is entirely up to you, but you are never forced to spend to make progress.

What Players Are Saying

Worth The Free Pricetag – Jacob Whaling

Because Warframe is completely free, there's no real reason not to at least try it, if you're interested. There is a nearly endless amount of content to see, and every Warframe is unique and fun to play, making the grind to obtain them worth it. The game is great solo or with others, with enough variation in missions that grinding never feels monotonous or repetitive. There is a depth of content to experience, and virtually nothing holding you back from doing so, making it more than worth it to try out.

The Best Free Experience – Jacqueline Zalace

Warframe is 100 percent worth it, especially considering it's entirely free. Sure, you can spend real money to unlock stuff, but Warframe Market lets you trade pretty much every item with other players. Price aside, Warframe has a borderline overwhelming amount of content. At no point will you think, "I've done all there is to do". There's always a new relic to obtain, new items to farm, and a new Warframe to build. It's definitely the type of game that requires you to have a wiki open so you know what's going on.

A Universe Of Content At Your Fingertips – Sachi Go

When you first get into Warframe, it can be a lot to take in. There's so much to do and the information overload is real. But that flood of expansive lore and activity is exactly what makes the game so endlessly replayable. The actual scale of Warframe's universe isn't even that big, considering your playing ground is just a single star system, and yet it still manages to feel vast and packed with content. Whether you're grinding for months on end or jumping in and out of the game inconsistently, there's always something to do and you don't even need to spend a single penny.

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