Islets: How To Beat Grave Crawler

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Adventuring through the floating islands of Islets is a dangerous job, but Iko, the heroic mouse adventurer, takes it all in his stride. After crashing onto Northstable Island and making his way through various dangerous areas, he's confronted with a vicious, plantlike beast.

The Grave Crawler is the first boss of the game and shows you shades of what's to come. Between huge attack patterns that you have to avoid and a huge health pool, this fight may be the very first time you actually have to pay proper attention to the game – here's how to conquer the beast.

Grave Crawler's Attacks

Grave Crawler, as the first boss of the game, has a pretty easy-to-counter suite of telegraphed attacks that serve to introduce you to how bosses typically go in Islets. Once it hits around 50 percent health, Grave Crawler will enrage, changing up its attacks and adding more to its repertoire.

AttackDescriptionHow To Counter
Leaping AttackGrave Crawler leaps into the air and then drops down on top of you.This only damages you if it lands directly on top of you – dodge roll out of the way. The dirt that this attack throws up is harmless.
Leaf ArrowsGave Crawler summons three large leaves into the air. They'll point at you, and a red outline will start to encircle them – once the red border overlaps the leaves' border, they'll fire at you.Start moving as soon as the leaves fire, aim to only have to dodge roll through one of them – your normal walk speed should be fast enough to avoid most of the attack.
Enemy SummonsGrave Crawler summons two radish enemies.These aren't very threatening enemies, only bother taking them out if you get close to one.
Enraged Leaping AttackGrave Crawler leaps just as it did in the first phase, but now a shower of projectiles shoots out when it lands.Avoid the leap as usual, and then try to position yourself so that you avoid the projectiles. This is a good opportunity to shoot Grave Crawler with arrows.
Enraged Foot StompsGrave Crawler slams its feet on the ground, summoning pillars that shoot out to either side.Don't dodge roll through these, you'll likely take damage from the next pillar. Instead, simply jump over them.
Enraged Enemy SummonsWhen enraged, Grave Crawler can summon birds instead of radishes.Birds are more threatening – take them down quickly so they don't interfere with the fight.

How To Beat Grave Crawler

As the first boss of the game, Grave Crawler is very easy to beat. Simply make a note of how to avoid its attacks, and you should learn pretty quickly how to beat it.

  • On Hard mode, Grave Crawler will summon more birds when enraged. Take them out as a point of priority.
  • Pay special attention to the Enraged Foot Stomps attack – this is the one most likely to catch you out as you'll likely be tempted to roll through the pillars that shoot toward you. Jumping over them is the most reliable way to counter the attack.
    • Remember, you can shoot while in midair – use this to get some damage in while avoiding the pillars.

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