Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R- How To Use Stand Characters

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Stands, or psychological beings manifested from one's soul, have become virtually synonymous with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Since the manga's third arc, Stardust Crusaders, JJBA's characters have manifested colorful alter-egos that can stop time, control fire, weaponize sounds, and -most importantly- kick major ass! So, it makes sense that Stand-Style is the central groove in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R.

Still, ASBR's "Stand" mechanics add further complexity to the game. After all, most Stand users have different skill sets depending on whether their Stand is present. However, learning to play as Stand-Style characters will give you a base understanding of most of ASBR's cast. In addition, studying this style makes complex types, such as Mounted-Style and Mode-Style, more approachable.

What Characters Use Stand-Style?

Of ASBR's 51 playable characters, thirty-six are Stand users. This prevalence further emphasizes how pivotal learning Stand-Style is to advance your skills. Even if you don't intend to use a Stand-Style character competitively, there's a strong chance you'll face one in a match. Therefore, you should know their capabilities and shortcomings.

For reference, here is a list of every Stand-Style character in ASBR:

Part 3: Stardust CrusadersJotaro Kujo
Noriaki Kakyoin
Mohammed Avdol
Jean Pierre Polnareff
Old Joseph Joestar
Hol Horse
Pet Shop
Cool Ice
Part 4: Diamond Is UnbreakableJosuke Higashikata (4)
Okuyasu Nijimura
Rohan Kishibe
Koichi Hirose
Yukako Yamagishi
Akira Otoishi
Shigekiyo Yanga
Kosuku Kawajiri
Yoshikage Kira
Jotaro Kujo (Part 4)
Part 5: Golden WindGiorno Giovanna
Bruno Bucciarati
Guido Mista
Narancia Ghirga
Panacotta Fugo
Trish Una
Part 6: Stone OceanJolyne Cujoh
Ermes Costello
Narciso Anastasia
Father Pucchi
Part 7: Steel Ball RunFunny Valentine
Part 8: JojolionJosuke Higashikata (8)

What Unique Abilities Do Stand Users Have?

Fighting with a Stand is comparable to having a tag team partner (who also happens to be yourself). You can call upon your Stand with the push of a button. And when they appear, your attacks change. However, unlike a partner, if they take damage, so will you. Then again, there are Stand users for which these rules do not apply.

Stand-Style adds plenty of technical pizazz that is tough to digest at first. But, once you fully process these tools, you can adopt further creativity in battle.

User And Stand Mode

ASBR's Stand-using characters predominantly operate under the User/Stand Mode system. User Mode lets you fight as the character directly (with the occasional Stand appearance here and there). Stand Mode lets your Stand fight alongside you, leaving them on the battlefield even when they're not attacking. Most importantly, your character has different special moves in User and Stand Modes.

You can switch styles at any time with the Style button (R1 [PS], RB[Xbox and PC], SR [Switch]). However, you'll automatically switch back to User Mode if you get downed in Stand Mode.

Quick Stand ON

Quick Stand ON is a canceling mechanic similar to Flash Cancels. This skill lets you cancel a normal or special attack to switch from User to Stand Mode in exchange for half a Heart Heat bar.

Stand Rush

While in Stand Mode, a Stand user can press the Style button to move freely while their Stand lands an attack. This tactic, called Stand Rush, costs half a Heart Heat bar and only applies to specific skills. You can check if a skill is Stand Rush-compatible in the Command List.

Rush Mode

Rush Mode is a unique battle sequence that occurs under hyper-specific circumstances. First, you and your opponent must use specific attacks. Second, and more importantly, these attacks must clash. Once you meet these conditions, the both of you will enter a button-mashing tug-of-war. Whoever presses the button displayed onscreen more will win the clash, sending the other flying.

Does this sequence sound familiar? You may have come across a similar mechanic in Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe. One of the game's features was a "Test Your Might" battle that would happen whenever one player slammed another through a series of walls. Another gaming parallel is the Sword Clash mechanic in Samurai Shodown.

Thirteen characters can trigger Rush Mode in ASBR. The majority are Stand-Style fighters, with two exceptions: Jonathan Joestar and Johnny Joestar. Here's the complete list of characters and their Rush Mode-triggering attacks below:

Jonathan Joestar
  • "Overdrive Barrage"
Jotaro Kujo
  • "ORA, ORA!"
Jean Pierre Polnareff
  • "You miserable cur!"
  • "Cuts everywhere else!"
  • "Right in front of me?!"
  • "Useless, useless, useless, useless!"
Josuke Higashikata (4)
  • "Breakthrough, heat you up!"
Jotaro Kujo (Part 4)
  • "ORA, ORA!"
Giorno Giovanna
  • "Useless, useless, useless, useless!"
Bruno Bucciarati
  • "I've got you!"
Guido Mista
  • "I'll ask the damn questions!"
Narancia Ghirga
  • "You're not going anywhere!"
Jolyne Cujoh
  • "I can consider you my enemy, right?"
  • "Sweet dreams, creep!"
Johnny Joestar
  • "Chummin!"
  • "Who'll be the sacrifice?"
Josuke Higashikata (8)
  • "The hell is your problem?!"
  • "Don't mess with me."

Do All Stand Characters Have Separate User And Stand Modes?

As you explore ASBR's vast directory of Stand-Style characters, you'll notice some do not have separate User and Stand Modes. Why is that? If a Stand-Style character does not have two separate modes, it's likely because their Stand plays atypically to close-combat Stands in the game.

Some examples of these characters include Mariah, Yukako Yamagishi, and Guido Mista. While they don't have a Stand Mode, their Stands express themselves through different means. Mariah's Stand, Bastet, fills a magnetism gauge that increases her attacks' effects. Yukako touts the Love Deluxe skill, which amplifies and adds chip damage to her hair's normal attacks. Guido Mista controls his Sex Pistols in space, allowing them to ricochet bullets toward opponents.

In short, if a Stand-Style character has unique skills or uses a Stand that is not physically robust/tangible, they likely do not use Stand/User Modes.

Tips For Playing As Stand Characters

The key to mastering most Stand-Style characters (outside the more technical ones) is treating the Stand like a different character. Stands have separate move lists from their user. Furthermore, they can arrive in a pinch to extend combos and apply pressure. However, they're also an extension of the self, so calling them in makes you more vulnerable.

Use Quick Stand ON To Extend Combos

ASBR has a battle system term called Stale Moves. If you perform the same attack three times in a combo, your foe will drop to the ground, giving them a chance to evade. This mechanic is ASBR's fail-safe against cheap or infinite combos. Still, there is an exception to this rule: the same attack performed in User and Stand Modes counts as two separate attacks. This exception means you can get more mileage from normal attacks by switching Modes.

Here's a quick example. Let's say you start a combo with a Chain Beat and then Flash Cancel into a second Chain Beat. According to the Stale Moves rule, a third Chain Beat is out of the question. However, if you cancel that second Chain Beat with Quick Stand ON, you can perform a third Chain Beat without the combo terminating.

Your Stand Expands Your Hit Box

Calling your Stand gives you access to new and powerful attacks. However, these advantages come at a cost: your foe can and will attack your Stand. Furthermore, if your opponent applies enough pressure and downs you and your Stand, you'll fall back into User Mode. This drawback makes maintaining Stand Mode for extended periods tricky.

Still, there are several ways around this caveat. Pressuring an opponent and keeping them on the defensive is one way to protect your Stand. However, you can also perform Stylish Evades and Guards, which avoids oncoming attacks and quickly punishes opponents. Furthermore, there is Stand Rush, which will give you space from an opponent after an attack. Finally, reversal assists are also a healthy option when you're stuck in a combo chain.

Memorize The Differences Between Your Character's User And Stand Modes

The worst situation you can place yourself in with a Stand-Style character is spamming an input for a move in an opposite Mode and whiffing your attack. And since you'll find yourself switching back and forth between Modes, this can happen more often than you think.

A character's User and Stand Modes act as different characters. Specific moves, like throws, some special moves, HHAs, and GHAs, will carry between Modes. Still, a handful of special moves will change. Therefore, it's tantamount to study each Mode as a team, understanding what skills each Mode brings to the table and how they interact. Mastering these qualities will give you a strategic edge in battle.

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