Jordan Peele’s Nope Has A VR Experience Courtesy Of Meta

Nope now has a tie-in VR experience on Meta’s Horizon Worlds. Meta has partnered with Universal Pictures and Monkeypaw Productions (Nope writer and director Jordan Peele's production company) to bring us Nope World: by Monkeypaw Productions.

"From the mind of Jordan Peele, Monkeypaw presents: the Nope VR experience," reads the description on the Oculus site. "Explore Haywood Ranch, discover hidden easter eggs from the film, and whatever you do… don't look up."

This VR "experience" is based in Horizon Worlds, Meta’s virtual reality game slash metaverse that uses the Rift S and Quest 2’s built-in motion capture to project the players movements into the virtual world. Horizon Worlds has its own game creation system built in encouraging users to create their own experiences, much like Roblox, the Sandbox, and other online platforms.

Meta promises Nope World won’t have any spoilers for the movie, which means the game is about as weird and inscrutable as Nope’s trailers. There is a collection of minigames, including one where you throw a bucket at a target, and interactive elements including a key opening a door and a festival line hanging from the sky that catapults the player into the stratosphere.

Nope World will also have hidden easter eggs for the movie (which likely won’t make any sense until you see the movie) as well as a chance to win movie tickets. No information was presented on exactly how you might win those movie tickets, so I guess you just stumble around until they fall from the sky.

Monkeypaw Productions is also set to release Monkeypaw Productions: All Aboard, a virtual train that takes players to other Monkeypaw experiences and presents visuals from Jordan Peel's other films, including Get Out and Us. Nope arrives in theaters on July 22.

Best of all, starting next month you won’t even need a Facebook account to play in either of these Monkeypaw experiences. Meta is dropping its requirement for Facebook account linking starting in August, allowing users that previously linked their Oculus and Facebook accounts to unmerge them.

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