Journey Out Now On Steam, Includes Free Bonus Game

It’s been eight years since the critically acclaimed indie game Journey first released, and now players on Steam can begin their own silent journeys through the game’s desert landscape. Journey is available to own on Steam starting today, June 11, and it even has a launch discount and free game included to sweeten the deal (as if getting to experience Journey for the first time wasn’t enticing enough).

From now until July 9, you can buy Journey on sale for $11.24 on Steam, down from its usual $15 list price. Journey is also included in the phenomenal Annapurna Interactive Collection bundle on Steam, which gets you a truly stellar group of games like Florence, If Found, What Remains of Edith Finch, and Telling Lies for $142.33, 10% off its $158.12 list price. That’s not a huge savings, but if you haven’t played any of these games, do yourself a favor and add them to your library.

Anyone who buys Journey on Steam within its first two weeks on the platform will also receive a free copy of Flower, created by the same studio, Thatgamecompany. Flower normally sells for $7 on its own, so it’s a pretty sweet deal to get Journey on sale and snag Flower for free while you’re at it. The game was well-received, earning an 8/10 in our Flower review.

In Journey, you control a nameless robed figure as they traverse a vast, empty desert, moving toward a large mountain looming in the distance. Journey was notable for its silent “multiplayer” interactions–along the way, you’ll encounter other players, whom you can travel alongside and assist, but you can’t communicate with them and won’t see their names until after the credits. The game earned a “superb” 9/10 in GameSpot’s Journey review for its beautiful environments, dynamic music, and evocative multiplayer interactions.

“It’s a real accomplishment that Journey draws together so many conventional game elements, and so well, and still feels like the art piece we expect from the makers of Flow and Flower: intriguing, ambiguous, and experimental,” wrote Jane Douglas. “The game’s length, two or three hours on the outside, is exactly right, letting you take in the whole experience in one session. Once you’ve completed it, you can dip back into favourite chapters, and even without the impact of unexpected reveals, it’s uncommonly enthralling. Its deliberate ambiguity brings on the urge to speculate on deeper meanings, but meaning here is bound to be personal, and best discovered for yourself. Discover it you should.”

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